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  1. Great recounting of an – uh – interesting afternoon.
    I found a couple of differences between sailboats and your boat I’d never thought about. For example, you can stay on top of the water. You didn’t have the ability to run a line from the top of the mast and have someone heel you over until you popped free, but as you say, you could have kedged off. That’s easier if you have a nice, big winch, but of course I don’t know what you’ve got on Bab.

    I’ve been trying to count up – I remember a half-dozen significant groundings in my time, including one that provided a scrapbook full of photos of that blasted, shattered rudder. But that’s what happens when you’re running around with a 6′ draft and not quite enough local knowledge.

    Just remember these words of wisdom from an old sailor – “If you ain’t been aground, you ain’t been anywhere!”

    • Ah yes, love that saying. I’ve been told it’s called “paying your dues” every time you make a mistake. I’m glad I paid this due, and it was not of my own doing!!! Made that pill easier to swallow, so to speak!

      I like that word “kedge”, although most folks would not have a clue . . . thanks for richening my blogging vocabulary!! No winch . . . just man power, although it could have been done, it would have taken longer and D. R. was all about getting back to his fishing!!! It would have been difficult to get my anchor to get a purchase on that mucky bottom!

  2. What an adventure! It sure was a valuable lesson. Sounds like you had a great teacher. I would have gotten out like you would had – sitting in the boat till the tide came up.

  3. Can we avoid that kind of activity on MY excursion with you? LOL. Although it would make for a great story and even better pictures I’m sure. Glad you learned that being aground isn’t as bad as you thought it would be but I’m sure you don’t plan to get there again anytime soon.

  4. Good post. Too bad there wasn’t a camera aboard to catch the wildlife. Now you know why Hubby won’t fish any place down there other than the Lake. We don’t even have a push pole and he doesn’t trust the GPS. We were grounded once. I thought our freind would burn up his motor trying to get us out. We threw mud for about 15 minutes. It’s a terrible feeling of helplessness.

    • It’s not that bad everywhere. He went into a cover that probably only ever holds two feet of water. Hubby need not fear forever . . . I will show you new places one day . . . last customers at Camp picked up on a few trout in the lake. THey are still illusive for some reason. Have a charter tomorrow and Saturday, so report forthcoming. BW

  5. Ok your getting an A+ for this one but don’t let it go to your head. Mostly it is because I wasn’t along.

    I have rammed a Angus cow with a boat and parked one in a deadfall at 2 am but stuck on a mudflat doesn’t sound like fun.

    PS me in the old Ride kayak can float in 2 and 1/2 inches of water. And I get to work Xmas week so maybe another trip down before the Summer hits.

  6. Alls well that ends well and I’m glad ya’ll didn’t get permanently stuck out there.

    All the same, that must have been a sight to behold!

    The Green Longjohns Fisherman…..

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