Mandalay Treasures — 15 Comments

  1. I’ll TRY to get it on YouTube. We don’t subscribe to Cox.
    Your photos are great…as usual!
    What’s the newest on the “grandchild “ front.

    • Thanks, Steffi. Well, let’s see, Vivie is 13 months old, just starting to get her walking legs under her, still prefers crawling. She says Mama, Dada, and ice, but no Winnie yet!!! She’s got curly, curly hair now like her mommy! Such a little doll. Termite’s baby is due early August, another girl!!!

  2. I do get to follow you on Facebook so I don’t have as many withdrawal pains, but I have to admit when I saw your email there was a great, big smile on my face. Loved the tadpoles on the lily pad. WHen I lived in Georgia, out out out of town, we had a big spot that would fill with water and for some reason the frogs loved to lay their eggs there and we’d get thousands of tadpoles. But it would start to dry up so I’d go out with the hose and fill the hole up again until all the little tadpoles had moved on. We are incorrigible aren’t we when it comes to the wildness around us?

    I can imagine the heat. Stay safe and hydrated. You sound super super happy.

    God Bless,

    • Jeri, so glad the email announcing a new post made you smile!! Makes it all worthwhile! See? You were a conservationist way back when! Doing my best to stay safe and hydrated. It was indeed a hot one today!

    • Yes, that I do, Betty, and thank you for the kind compliment. Means a lot coming from a great photog like yourself!

  3. I’ve been hoping to see a post from you.I missed your comments, stories and pics. The grands sound healthy and happy like their Winnie. I’ve been picking plums and boiling them for juice. The tree went wild and the limbs were bending low. I told friends to come help their selves. The upper 90s and 100 degree days caused everything to ripen super fast. If my lower back pain eases, I’ll be making jelly this weekend. Figs will be next.

    • Always industrious, that’s what you are! You so take after your mama! Plum jelly sounds fab! I hope I can get some figs off my tree this year. Haven’t gotten to make preserves in two summers. Sad face. Great hearing what you’ve been up to!

      • After reading your comment about the butterfly, would you believe there was one out back today? I tried for nearly an hour to get a shot of it and it finally landed behind my husband while he was in his lawn swing. I told him to freeze! I got 4 pics and one was of it with its wings spread. The blue in them was so beautiful.

        • Very nice! Isn’t that iridescent blue gorgeous? On our last trip to Mandalay, there was a giant swallowtail, but it never stayed still long enough for any of us to get a shot! Gotta love the magnificent colors Nature provides!

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