March on the Mandalay Nature Trail — 5 Comments

  1. I got to enjoy the blooms of spring today too. 15 family members went to the zoo for the day. It was beautiful. The rain pelted us all the way there but stopped while we fed them all. Everything was all fresh and clean. The azalea bushes ranged from a few inches to several feet and probably every color they come in. There was winter cabbage, kale, swiss chard, dogwood, plum trees, iris, hibiscus and one, little, single daffodil. The smell and colors were impossible to describe.

    I forgot how active young kids can be. I keep falling asleep tonight if I sit still for more than 2 or 3 min. But it was all worth it. Even having one of the 5 vehicles break down on the way home requiring a wrecker didn’t put a damper on our enjoyment.

    I have the Spider Wort or some call it Widows Tears all over my yard. That is one thing you NEVER plant if you don’t want it to take over.

  2. Ahh…perfect timing for this post as we’ve suddenly been set upon by some very wintry weather (about 6″ o’ snow, practically more than we’ve had all winter!). Just a couple days ago I took photos o’ the wee “snowdrops”
    We’re getting things ship shape for our pending journey, though – and looking forward to returning to our second home!
    BTW, yer “Guard Salamander” is a Guard Skink ye can tell from the lack o’ webs between the toes (or sticky toes) and the “armour” on the head.

    #Spring Snowdrops #PortColborne

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    • You know what’s funny about that? I first called it a skink and then changed it to salamander! I might just go back and edit so I don’t look like a total idiot. I’m not totally up to snuff on my amphibians!!!!! Sorry about the snow! It’s a wee bit chilly now here, too, with folks hesitating to plant their spring gardens.

  3. Going to try to post again tonight. Last night I kept getting a message that the site required Java and cookies. I have the newest version but it kept repeating that message.

    • So sorry you’re having trouble. Hopefully, the webmaster will see this and figure out if it’s on our end. Maybe that explains why there are very few comments?

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