Marsh Grass Planting on TE-44 — 22 Comments

  1. Well heck looks like a fun time. Nice little walleye chop on the Decade? I can’t imagine you letting them back on the boat though. Just a few days away from heading down again.

  2. How FREAKIN cool is that – I was wondering what the temp is right now – its 22 here today… 🙂 btw – your soap ships tommorow when there is not sleat and snow on the road!!!

  3. That last picture is great! I’ll bet he’d want a printed copy of that. I’m still trying to get over you saying “sweet New Jersey booty”. Wow. And hey, I just remembered: don’t you have a present for me??? 😉

  4. After seeing these photos, I’m sorta glad I was unable to make the trip. If I take a mud bath, I want one in a temperature controlled spa.
    Rachel, your mom does have a gift for you if you haven’t seen her this past week. Don’t worry though, she won’t keep it for herself…it’s of NO use to her.

  5. BW, we went to the camp the morning of the planting and we saw all of you courageous souls wallowing in the mud:-) By the time I read your blog, it was to late to contact you. Sorry, I cannot wallow anymore. There are reasons this task is better suited to younger folks!

    I add my heartfelt thanks to yours to those who participated in the planting and I look forward to contributing to this endeavor in another capacity … one that doesn’t involve wallowing! I could certainly have provided a bathroom at the camp but once some of them came up for air you might have had a hard time getting them back in there. 😉

  6. Blu – The Choupster told me you were coming down. Sorry Camp Dularge is all booked! Have a safe trip! I can’t believe I let them back on my boat, either. What a muddy mess. Boat’s still dirty. And yes, there was quite a chop on that lake. Had to hug the shorline coming back.

  7. Heather – Well, one out of three isn’t bad! They ate sandwiches on the way back! I guess they got used the bathroom at the marina and got warm when they got back on the bus!

  8. Heidi – It’s not nearly as cold here as it is there. But when you’re wet, going 24 miles an hour in a boat with the wind blowing 20 mph, I think it probably felt like 22 degrees to them!!!

    Yippee!! I’ll be watching for the mail man. It is coming by mail? Do you still have my address? Can’t wait!! Sleet and snow? Wow!

  9. Rach? Am I not supposed to type like that? He was from New Jersey imported to New Orleans a year ago to teach at-risk youth. He’s an instructor, in case I didn’t make that clear enough. And he was a very sweet young man.

    And yes, I doooooooo have a gift for you from Steffi! I actually have it lying flat on my desk in plain view so I remember to give it to you.
    Your potty mouth Mommer!

  10. Cynthia – I must not know which one is your camp because I did not see you. I wish you would have come out and hollered at me when we left. Actually, did I see you and your hubby launch at the marina that morning and head out?

    About using the facilities? I was in bad need of the potty myself and was wondering if you were at your camp. I would have slipped away and paid you a visit if I had known you were there. Sorry I didn’t let you know sooner that I was going to be out there. We need to exchange numbers on email.

  11. I don’t think we got an agenda except fishing so if you need help catching give
    Choupstirrer a call maybe we can buzz over.

    Gonna warm up for trip catching white bass next two days I hope.

  12. Is this the Coastal Roots program? Did I ever tell you I was involved with them at one time? Maybe I missed what program this was in your post. Another informative post.

  13. Steffi: Thanks so much for my gift! (My husband was quite impressed as well!) I can’t remember what mom called it, but she did make sure to tell me exactly what it’s called. It’s lovely and it’s always so nice to be thought of! Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  14. Kim – Not, it’s not Coastal Roots. And yes I recall that you also wrote some lesson plans for them at one point! This is a CWPPRA project that needed plants done, so a couple govt. agencies joined forces and got it done using both paid and volunteer labor; with a Forestry boat, LUMCON boat, and mine.

  15. BW, I have to tell you — this was such an inspiring story! I had no idea what was involved, and your account, along with the photos, have opened my eyes to another whole realm! Wow…

    Thanks for sharing – oh, and I hope you have some help cleaning up your boat!

    Love to you! 🙂

  16. Rach, if you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail (Mommer has the address), and I’ll let you know how I frame them using recycled materials. Glad y’all liked it.

  17. BW-
    This looked like a productive day, fun for some especially when it’s not so chilly. This is the type of thing I’d love to see my family getting involved in – they’re not afraid to get dirty.

  18. Very good job, you should start your own documentaries of all the prjects in the area. Such as the trash bashes . keep us informed of the progress. Neil.

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