Meet Ms. Orchid Tree

I have to admit, prior to happening upon this beauty on a walk behind Camp Dularge about a month ago, I have neither seen nor heard of a tree like this.

Orchid TreeMs. Orchid must love the climate here, as the owner explained he had to cut it away from the house a couple years ago, and look how huge it has grown back.   It is as tall as the chimney, see?

Orchid Tree SeedpodIn due time, this seedpod will mature and then the seeds will burst forth and self-germinate in the soil below.  It is my hope to get one of the seedlings from the ground before the owner plucks them all up.

Orchid flower and seedpodHere is a maturing seedpod right near a flower.  The blooming season is just about over,  as there were only a few flowers left on the tree.  I was surprised that there were only a few seedpods (maybe someone got there before me and took the ripe ones?), but I was able to pick two for our contest winners, Cynthia and Cammy.

Working on a new contest!


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  1. I’ve lived in southwest La. all my life, and have never heard of such a tree either. Would love to see one in real life.

  2. I have confidence you could barter for some more seed pods. Trout filets, a Red on the Half Shell, a jar of Mock Strawberry Figs, White beans and rice…da#@ I’m making myself hungry.