Mid-Life Women & Fishing — 5 Comments

  1. You really have a way with words. I need to print this out to show to people who ask why I like to fish!

    But are my words true? Is this not your experience as well? Please comment!

  2. I’m with Stephanie…you do know how to write…Almost felt like I was in the boat also.

    I think that is the best compliment you could give me—one about writing—unless it’s one about parenthood! Thanks, DS.

  3. Ladies, that is exactly what I was shooting for! I want those feelings to come through to encourage those ladies on the fringes to come on down and experience the wonder of it all.

  4. Your words are very true. When I get in the boat , I try to leave all my worries at the dock. I consider catching fish is a plus when we go out. I’m relaxed with my thoughts when out on the water. Maybe it’s the rocking of the boat, the slap of the waves on the hull, or listening to the crashing waves when surf fishing….it just has a hypnotic effect on me. When the “bite is on”, the Adrenalin gets pumping and the anticipation of finding out what’s on the other end of your line is so exciting. To sum up…..I return home at times exhausted but relaxed, and always waiting for the next fishing trip.

    Thanks, Steffi! That’s exactly what I want our female readers to hear! And you are quite the writer, yourself!

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