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    • Haven’t seen many migratory birds this year, and I walked my favorite part of the Grand Isle Chenier Monday. Didn’t see any little birds (and it was raining) but did see something I’ve never seen before . . . an entire flock of green herons flitting about in the tops of the oak trees! But wait! Guess what I finally saw up in the Mandalay? I kept hearing northern parulas everywhere we would stop, so while standing by at one point, I pulled out my binoculars (the ones you gave me) and talked to the birds asking them to please come closer and show themselves to me, and guess what? THEY DID!!! I finally got to see those beautiful little things! And I saw more than one!!! Every time I go into the Mauvais Swamp, I hear one or two and have never been able to spot them. It took sitting in a canal in the Mandalay to get to finally view them! They are so tiny and so pretty!

    • The area is beautiful indeed but not a whole lot one can see from the canals, and we’re not allowed to motor into the refuge . . . but there are still a few cypress along the canals . . . . and we saw some La. iris blooming.

  1. Beautiful photos. We took the round about way home yesterday evening across Lake Ray Hubbard and the water was really blue and white capping. The gulls were as thick as thieves in places and with the wind gusting, it was amazing to watch them just glide.

    And the wildflowers! Blue bonnets, Indian Paint Brushes, clover and some I have never seen before were/are in full bloom. And I forgot my camera of course.

    • Cammy, I’m glad to know there still are some flowers! Down here on the coast we don’t see much, and I nearly missed them completely this year. Also – I didn’t realize there was a Lake Ray Hubbard. Shows you what I know about the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. The first thing that popped to mind was Ray Wylie Hubbard. Uh – not the same thing. At least I don’t think so. I do love me some Ray Wylie, although he can be a bit – funny in a way not everyone appreciates. Heck of a guitar player, though.

      • I love me some Ray Wyle and the crappie videos out of that lake . I think.

        HBD 2 ME x3… GO AWAY STUPID SNOW… Freaking dog bowl is froze up… Baby Jesus It Be April… I think the 2nd line forms here…. HBD 2 ME….

        If you mix chemo, mango orange juice, morphine etc life gets interesting.

        Ari sez Hi.

  2. BW those photos are amazing. We went from 78 this morning to 48 a while ago. There’s some talk of setting record lows tonight. The only good thing I can think of is that, if it doesn’t freeze, it will slow down the fading of the flowers.

    Can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!

  3. very nice rewrite. I hung out with a lot of Yap types in my misspent childhood. It was a blast if your Mom did not find out.

  4. No, I didn’t but I’m not signed up for notifications. I can’t play around online from work, except during my short lunch break. I just try to get here on weekends, when I have more time.

    I’m just now catching up with your Mandalay adventures. Lovely photos and interesting posts, as usual. I always enjoy the local scenery.

    What a marvelous story about J.B. meeting up with his granddad’s old buddy, Mr. ‘Yap’ Vernon. Isn’t it great when things like that happen?

    • Yes it absolutely is great when things like that happen! I fear, though, in this very materialistic and technologic world, that folks often miss simple serendipitous events like this that are really monumental! They miss the meaning, the intent, the purpose and don’t see everything that had to happen for something like this to take place. As a matter of fact, J.B. was the fourth person I asked to help me that day, and he was going out of town. When I got really desperate, I called him again and said, “How about a tank of gas and some cash?” He said, “Let me make one phone call and I’m there!” See? It was meant to be for him to help us out that day and meet up with his grandfather’s old hunting and fishing buddy, and that to me is just pretty dog gone cool!

  5. I got the notification yesterday about a new post. I’m just now going through emails because we were out of town. AS you know, I have no Internet service when we’re in Ms.

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