Miss Louisiana visits the Wetlands!

I confess.

I am a bad mother.

I let my fourteen-year-old son play hooky from school in order to accompany Miss Louisiana, Kelsi Crain, on her first ever wetland tour.

So let the Hooky Police hand cuff me and drag me off to Bad Parent Prison, because it will have been worth it.

I mean, just look at that mug, huh?  She had her arm around his shoulder, he had had his arm around her waist and I bet you his little heart was going pitty pat pitty pat to beat the band!!!!!

Now, if only the school system would be convinced that this should be an excused absence, right?  I mean, at least for social studies and science.  Back when he was homeschooled, he did all my tours with me and did a fantastic job of spotting wildlife, naming birds, and keeping me on my toes as far as information dissemination–just as he did yesterday.

It was his idea to turn off the big engine and raise it out of the water and use the trolling motor to quietly guide us through the Mauvais Bois so that we could hear the sounds of of the swamp.  So, he gets an A in problem solving for the day in my gradebook.

We rode past the Swamp Dwellers’ place, but nobody was home.  They would have danced a jig for Miss Louisiana if they had been there.

Kelsi is a gorgeous, personable young woman who does our state proud.  I challenged her to take on the Louisiana Wetlands as her pet project once she wins the Miss American pageant in January 2011!  As a ballet dancer, her platform is “Heart for the Arts’ that focuses on making healthy lifestyle choices and currently her pet project is Children’s Miracle Network.  Whatever organization she chooses to represent, she impressed upon me that she would do a good job.

So, teachers, if you’re reading this, please give my son a break and maybe the office will even give him an excused absence since he was doing our state a service by escorting Miss Louisiana into the deep, dark swamp and protecting her from the big bad alligators and by educating her about the plight of our disappearing wetlands.

As a mom who loves her children, this was just one opportunity I could not let pass him up and one I knew he would remember his whole life.

She was sweet, gracious, and eager to learn.  She even autographed a photo for Termite before she left to go along with that hug she gave him.

Kelsi, thanks for gracing us with your presence, and we wish you the best of luck in January 2011!


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  1. I would think this would be a good reason for an excused absence. How often do you get to spend time with a celebrity? I hope the school goes easy on him. I hope Miss Louisiana enjoyed the tour.

  2. Life experience is the best lesson he could get that day. Who cares what the school thinks! I’d have let my kids skip to have done that too. Heck, I can think of one Jr. High science teacher (Mr.Coach) who would have skipped too! LOL

  3. What an honor for Termite and such a memory-making day as my Grandma used to say. I absolutely agree with MrsCoach’s sentiments.

    If Kelsi has a blog it would be wonderful for her to highlight your tour! Exposure, Exposure, Exposure.

    (Kinda like ‘location, location, location.)

    Those are great pics and you’re a wonderful Mom—keep it up BW! 😉

  4. If you continue taking out celebrities, you’ll need to start charging more for your tours. Some people might pay double to take a tour with a celebrity. I’m curious…Was Kelsi’s tour for her personal enjoyment or was it to promote Louisiana in some way as part of her official duties?
    I hope Termite’s heart rhythm problem has stabilized and he was able to return to school with an excusable absence from Dr. Mom.

  5. In my view, you get the flat-out-superb-mama of the day award.

    When I was seven years old, my mom let me stay home from one of the last days of school to watch the coronation of Queen Elizabeth on tv. It was one of the first world-wide broadcasts, and we watched it on a little 12 inch black and white screen. I’ve never forgotten the magic of it all.

    It’s a fact. Not everything worth learning happens in a classroom!

      1. I’m SOOOOOOOOOO glad to read Termite is cooking. My brothers and I were raised in a home where they learned to keep a house and cook and I learned to shingle, paint, and do plumbing, etc. It really came in handy when Hubby and I had our own Home Maintenance business. I guess my parents were “ahead of their time”. Everyone needs to learn these life skills. I’m proud to be a member of BW’s W.W.T.T.s (technically the last T is Hubby’s).

        1. Yep, they sure were ahead of their time. Termite is either going to get a degree in criminal justice and work for wildlife and fisheries or he is going to culinary school . . . at least that’s what he told me a couple weeks ago when he had to write a paper about future job ideas . . . . I think either one is a noble choice . . .

          1. He could actually do all three. He could work for wildlife and fisheries (which is wildlife criminal and justice) and he can cook for his family!

  6. That was so great! What a beautiful girl! I’m sure your son was thrilled beyond belief missing school to guide Miss Louisiana 🙂 I’d have been a Bad Parent too, lol.
    Very cool!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Mikey! I went to your blog and saw you wrestling a rattle snake. You are now my new hero!!! What a brave woman you are . . . must get it from your grandmother! BW