Moonset . . .


There’s only one thing I like better than looking out at the bayou first thing each morning . . . looking out at the moon setting over the bayou.

Once again, I really need a tripod. I took this with no flash, holding the shutter open as long as I dared, while backed up against a porch post to hold steady–but sill not steady enough. I remind myself while I’m shooting, that professionals shoot hundreds of shots just to get that one perfect shot.

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  1. That’s pretty amazing for no tripod. The one thing I like most about digital photography is the way I can take hundreds of photos, and just DELETE the ones I don’t like. I take so many more pictures now that I don’t have to pay first to decide I don’t like them.

    Oh I agree that digital makes things so much easier, and cheaper!!! The green dots are the only thing I don’t like about the photo. Not sure what makes those appear. Need to do a little more homework, because there was no flash involved. That was all natural light.

  2. It looks pretty darned good to me. I am surprised we didn’t see each other out there – I was on my porch trying to get the same shot last night. Yours came out a lot better than mine!

    You still managed to get some beautiful shots of your view, though!