More beauties of spring

I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself. This is my “honeysuckle gate”. The smell is so inviting right now.

And a new crop of spider lilies. Four in a row. I don’t think they’re appropriately named. Don’t spiders have 8 legs?

If you haven’t already, please back up one post and enter the NAME THE BIRDS CONTEST! I’ll be putting the names in a hat tonight and choosing a winner.


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  1. OH BW I am SO jealous – we still have SNOW!!! AAAAHHHGGG…. last year at this time we wer planting our oats, this year we don’t even have the tractors ready because it is so friggin cold!!! LOL I love honeysuckle and those are beautiful – mine are red and yellow and the humming birds LOVE LOVE LOVE them. 🙂 Can you post more about your cooking, I live in Wisconsin and was COMPLETELY enthralled with the shrimp boil…

    Oats? Farmer lady? Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment, Heidi! I love red honeysuckle, too, but someone mowed mine down–all four of them, “Uh, I didn’t know what they were.” Anyway, about the bayou cooking, did you check out the Bayou Woman Cooks for archived cooking posts? Come back soon!