More Cypress Cottage Renovation Updates

We recently saw how nicely the bathroom turned out. However, some folks have been wondering what is the point of featuring a window that must be “covered” in order to keep shower water from spraying on it and the surrounding wood trim and also “hidden” behind a shower curtain.

Well, I had ideas to help overcome both these problems. It just took me a little time to get the items needed to pull this off. Here’s the final product . . .

Voila! This is a “hookless” bubble curtain. This way, the red window is visible when the curtain is drawn across the tub.

Here’s a closeup. Pretty neat, huh?

And now for the living room makeover . . .

This is the living room/front door taken from the dining room entrance before we touched a thing.

And here it is after . . . removing old curtains, painting all the trim and walls, and adding a couple rugs. Amazing, yes?

Here’s the view from the front door of the living room, looking toward the dining room before.

And here’s the same view after the cleaning and painting.

And for those of you who want to look forward (Deloutre) look on into the dining and compare the two photos. I realize the dining room looks very organized in the “before” photo. That is because renovations had not yet begun, and the little table had not yet become our “tool bench”.

In the “after” photo, some things are missing. You have to look very closely. Who can tell me two things that are missing in the dining room photo?

Well, friends, what do you think so far? I’m very pleased how the living room turned out. Thanks to Handy Friend, who helped out on this project and will definitely get to spend the night in The Cypress Cottage.

COMING SOON: Dining Room and Bedroom renovations having to do with something very interesting . . .

The Miller and his sawmill . . .

some very special logs,

and some very special wood–so special that they warrant a post all their own coming soon!

Check back often because the renovations are really moving quickly now with so much extra help!


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  1. Something like a hutch/cabinet by the entrance from LR to kit., on the left and some type of cabinet next to the counter, in the corner. Looks like you added some type of roman shade over the counter too. I have a very small computer screen.

  2. Your next contest is to auction off the Cypress House, right? I’ll bid, not knowing the lot size. Ready………$100,000. Love the shower curtain and I want to know where you found it. I thought the surprise element of the novel window was when you stepped into the shower but you’ve embellished nature.

    SOLD! To KB!!

    I found the hookless bubble curtains online at a specialty bath shop, so I was certain the likes of our Torture Mart would NOT carry such a new item. After searching Lowe’s, BedBath&Beyond, I had to be brave and go to my least favorite Torture Mart. Lo and behold! They had just what I was looking for.

    You’re right about the surprise element of the window, but now, everyone can enjoy it without leaving the shower curtain open. Now, I need to go outside and remove the nasty old screen. It looks horrible and mars the view. The fig tree background fills up the whole window now like a big green giant. It’s gorgeous!!

  3. Looks nice. Which color paint did you end up using?? The curtain is off the window in dining room??Don’t know if I ever noticed one there or not.

    Thanks, BigSis. I ended up using the color you brought me, but made by the “original” paint company. It’s called Delta Fog. In the morning it is a cool green and in the evening under lights, it’s the color of Spanish Moss. It changes colors all day long, depending on the light. I really like it.


    Katy Bug is right. 1)The old built-in desk has been demolished. But no, there is no Roman Shade over the counter!!! Get a magnifying glass and look some more!

    Carol is right. 2)The curtain is gone from the window, and that is an old mini blind making all those swirly designs in the digital image. And Carol, if there had NOT been a curtain there you would definitely have noticed because of the spider webs woven through the mini blind and the inch-thick layer of bug carcases on the window ledge. All the windows were GROSS. I had to clean them with a wire brush before I could scrub them with Super Clean.

    3)And something else was demolished, but I’m not quite sure you can see it.

  5. What are you going to build after those “sinker (?)” logs have been milled? I wish I was there so I could smell that wood being milled. I think the reason I like to carve is because of the smell and texture of the wood. It’s relaxing, too.

    Well, Steffi, I don’t have smellavision either. Those logs are being milled up in North Louisiana. Deloutre Switch and The Miller are bringing down a surprise, and it will become a post, of course!!! You’ll just have to wait and see what we will do with them. You carve? Sounds lovely. And yes, I love the smell of cypress, too.

  6. The upper kitchen cabinets have been removed. That had to be Handy Friends doing!

    The living room looks great and I love the way the shower curtain lets in the light from the window. Are you going to replace the screen? Because I really like the thought of taking a shower with the window propped open.

    On my way to the camp to get the bunk beds. Renred is helping and he wants to come fishing!

    No, the upper cabinets have not been removed. Do you remember the dividing overhang with spindles down to the bar? Well, the spindles and the hanging wall are GONE!!!

    Yes, I think I am going to try to get a local carpenter to do a couple odd jobs for me, and redoing the screen is one of them. I just don’t have time. I’m afraid, though, that the swing window might knock you in the head while taking a shower!!!!

  7. The cottage is looking great. Red is a favorite color of mine, and I like the homey feel it gives to your cottage.

    As for the before/after photo:

    Looks like the weird little halfwall thingy from the ceiling between kitchen and dining room, the hutch, and perhaps the globe to the ceiling fan are gone.

  8. Well, that’s what I meant. I forgot that there weren’t cabinets on the side facing the kitchen. And I know Handy Friend was itchin’ to tear it down.

    Yes, he was itchin’!!!! I begged him to go easy and be gentle so as not to tear up the ceiling tiles. But you can see from the photos, my pleas fell on demolition-deaf ears!