Mother's Day Perks! — 10 Comments

  1. The painting is GORGEOUS! What a wonderful house warming present. I know you have to be dreadfully worried about the spill. Hang in there.

    • One word should cover my response about the painting…DITTO!
      I was talking to some friends this morning about the You Tube video. NO ONE will do this though. It’s TOO simple and wouldn’t break the bank. Wrong phrase…the banks are broke.

  2. The egrets are beautiful – what a wonderful gift. Well, the relaxing day and not having to do the shopping were pretty good, too!

    As to that hay business – someone is going to give it a try. Walton County, Florida, is going against the advice of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection and making plans to use it if necessary.

    There are some folks out there who are running the numbers and contesting some of the facts of what hay will and will not do – but if hay hits Walton, we’ll see what happens. Here are two links for anyone interested.

    There’s been some talk in Houston that currents and river flow may send the oil to Texas once it gets to the Atchafalaya. Who knows, at this point. But our beaches are pretty ugly anyway, and a beach is easier to clean up than wetlands – I suppose we could take one for the team 😉

  3. I’m so glad you like “Moon Dance”! And don’t forget it’s from David, too. He just wasn’t here to give it to you. I asked him if he wanted me to wait until he was home, but he said he didn’t want YOU to have to wait. 🙂

    • “Moon Dance” is more suited to your dear old mommer than you know. Again, a thousand thank you’s to both you and Daboo. I can’t wait to hang in it in the new house.

  4. That is a beautiful painting. Sure will look nice in the new house too. Glad you had a great Mothers Day.

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