Mother’s Day Weekend 2020 — 2 Comments

  1. Your Hydrangeas are gorgeous. Hubby mowed mine down a few years ago. 🙁 I see you also have the Mexican Petunias that have taken over part of my flower beds. Gardenias are a favorite of mine but, they don’t do well here.

    Mothers Day was pretty much another day. I did pickup some fried chicken since the chicken I put out didn’t thaw. I cooked it and last night I made our anniversary dinner (53 yrs) using the chicken. Had chicken salad sandwiches, salsa and chips. Our first married dinner was fried chicken and french fries.

    Our great grandson had a drive by graduation from kindergarten and his mom & dad set up the back yard so we could join them and our daughter and husband for a cookout. Had several tables so we could be apart but still enjoy the day.

    Our son has had 2 crawfish boils with just our family at one and just his family and hubby and I at the 2nd one.

    A couple of our grands come up to visit when it is nice outside so we can sit on opposite sides of the picnic table to chat.

    But it is a bit lonely and frustrating when we want to get out and can’t. Our son and his youngest has had the virus back in early January and recovered. At the time their dr didn’t know what it was. Simply diagnosed as upper respiratory system infection.

    I am doing a ton of cooking. Just not sweets. Too warm already for the oven.

    Glad you and the family got to spend some time together. Dotter is due at any time isn’t she? Congrats on that new grand daughter. Hope you get to see all of them and get hugs soon. I have missed your blogs and photos. I do check EVERY day!! I don’t do instagram or Twitter. Stay safe.

    • Hi Cammy. I don’t know about all of it. I spend a lot of time at home anyway, because I hate going to town unless I really need to go; but like you, I miss being able to hug family, grand kids, and close friends. We all need that human touch and interaction in order to thrive, and this shut down just drives that point home to me. I’ve cooked a bit and eaten more than I should! Thank you for your lovely comment and your kind words. We’ll all breathe a sigh of relief when this is over and things are normal again. (But I must confess the next person that says the words new normal to me, I will want to punch them in the throat LOL!) Oh, and I love the Mexican petunias because they came from the yard of an old native American friend of mine who passed away, but her flowers live on in my yard!!!

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