My Birthday Renovation Gifts — 7 Comments

  1. How nice of them! And I really like the “shameless plug” for in the picture of Termite hacking away at that wall!

    Big difference, huh? Sorry you and MusicMan couldn’t be here

  2. Which room is this that they tore down? I’m glad you got them to do all this dirty work!

    If you’ll look at the before photos, you’ll see it was a back, covered patio, that had been split into three rooms, sort of–not part of the living area.

  3. It looks great with all the walls down. Can you feel the breeze? O…is there a breeze? Hats off to the men in your life! Good job.

    Oh yes, there are breezes that get really strong right before our typical summer thunder showers!

  4. Looks wonderful! So glad that big job is done! The end is in sight!

    Well, it’s not completely done. The roofer is coming to advise me on how to salvage as much as I can of the existing roof, which is not damaged. I hope it is something easy and affordable. The roof is still leaking, but at least we can see now that the damage is not extensive.

  5. Rach took the words right out of my mouth! Looks great. What a handsome and handy group of men you have.

    Thanks, Cuz!

  6. Can you send your sons over to my place? I’d like an interior wall torn down. My birthday’s in August, that would be soon enough!
    Will you be leaving the area open or will you screen it in? Your Cottage, your money, but I see a screened in cook area (with a sink of course). Great place to have a “Boil or Fry” with or without screen!

    Hilarious! I was really lucky to get them to do this so willingly, believe me! I have plans for the area. There is a place to clean fish, a place to cook and hang out, and a place for the washer and dryer.

  7. I am SO glad that you guys had a chance to get together and spend some time – even if it was working. 🙂 That was a lot of work to get done, I bet they have done a fabuloso job!!

    It was great watching them cut up, laugh, and work together! It does my heart good to laugh with them! Hey – I’m still watching the mail, right?

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