My first figs!

These must be “early figs”, because in the past, I’ve picked figs in July at my friend’s house. This is my first very own fig tree, and I am so excited about it’s fruit!

Two days ago, there were none ripe.

Today, while I was working on the curtains, I looked out the bedroom window and couldn’t believe my eyes!

The starlings were feasting in the top of the tree! Yikes!

I stopped working on the curtains and rushed outside to get our share.

Aren’t they beautiful?

I ate a few and put a few in my bowl.

I have to confess. I ate this one, and it was soooooo good!

Looks like there will be another little bowlful tomorrow.

I’ll hold onto them and decide what I shall make with this first precious batch!


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  1. I call dibs on the first batch!

    First batch of what?!! You better hurry down and climb the ladder to get those beautiful figs up at the top before the birds and squirrels do, then!

  2. How about posting some of those recipes for figs. I’m picking tomorrow! The birds haven’t noticed that some are ripe, but I stood dumbfounded when I saw a squirrel get one today. I feed those little ungrateful rodents peanuts, so you’d think they’d leave my figs alone.

  3. Some will ripen earlier at the top so let the critters have those. Then one day all of them will be ripe overnight. Pick them and store in your fridge. DO NOT wash them at this point. When you have enough to “put up” I wash mine in a little bit of baking soda for a few seconds to get the dirt (and bugs) off. Rinse. Then cook according to your recipes. I wish I could get down there to pick some and make my preserves you liked. My 40 year old tree survived Katrina but not the contractors next door. I want to sue!

  4. Congratulations on your figs! I am awful with plants…not sure why, my mom can make anything grow…even if it’s practically dead when she gets it. So why didn’t I get her green thumb? Oh well, anytime I want figs…or any other produce it’s off to the store for me.

  5. Oh yum. I remember a few fig trees in Virginia. My parents had a small one that had a few figs on it but I never got to taste a fresh one. I bet they’re something special. Lucky you!

  6. I have fig envy…

    OH my gosh, you made me laugh out loud!!!! You are so crazy!!! Now go see the preserves!

  7. can you please give me the recipe for just plain old preserve figs.. thank you.

    It’s coming soon. How soon do you need it?

  8. Hello, I made the strawberry fig preserves yesterday and they turned out great. I am looking for a recipe for just plain old fig preserves. A friend said she had one that called for lemon jest, but she can’t find it. Please help! I have figs in the fridge waiting.

    Ok, Debbie! It’s coming right up. I just happen to have a bit of time to do this right now! Please do me a favor in the meantime – copy your comment and go paste on the page below the strawberry fig recipe, would you please? Thanks! Recipe coming right up!