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  1. Wow! This past weekend changed my life. I went there alone not knowing what to expect or if I would even fit in. All these ladies not only took me under their wings, but opened up a whole new world of outdoor experiences. Besides archery, wine making, alligator skinning, eating yummy cracklins and food that was cooked for us, I learned that women who love the outdoors have a magnificent spirit in them that nothing can kill. The unity, kindness, and support of all the people I met this weekend will stay with me forever. I look forward to attending the next WITO event. Until then, I will continue to grow to be the hunter I want to be and continue learning from others who share in the love of the sport. Thanks to all who had a part in putting this event together and making it something to remember!! Rhonda Jamison

    • This is a wonderful, heartfelt comment, Rhonda, and I echo everything you said about these ladies. And wow! I thought I was the only one who went by myself! I guess we should’ve joined forces, but you joined up with a great group anyway! We’ll join forces next year and we’ll definitely win the toilet paper plunger game again! (I failed to mention those crazy games in my blog post, LOL!) Great meeting you and hope to see you next year! BW

      • If the plunger game involves passing off a roll of T-paper relay style…I hope someone video taped it for you. If it’s the same game I saw on video, I laughed till I cried! AND Had I not already had bladder repair surgery…I would have needed the T-paper too!

      • Thanks. Yes we’ll have to team up next year! As for the toilet paper plunger game: PIECE OF CAKE!. We just need to think of it as a target. Had a blast and looking forward to seeing you and all our WITO family again. Rhonda Jamison

      • I love the blog. It was great to meet all the ladies and be a part of a new experience for some of you. I must say Rhonda was smoking in the Archery class and won the best overall award!!! Also it was great to meet you BW. I have followed you on facebook and must say you are an inspiration to me. Looking forward to seeing you all again. Hope it is sooner than next year. I’m thinking a “Nucleus” reunion party in the near future.

  2. I love your blog ! I know where to look now for awesome articles about our great state. It was our pleasure to have you as a participant in the Bossy Hens WITO event. I pray that next year, thanks to amazing ladies like you, our cabins will all be filled and the classes over-flowing. The outreach program introduces ladies to a variety of activities they might not see anywhere else. It was my pleasure to meet you and know you left the event a little more outdoor savvy and happy! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    • Cathy, thanks so much for your kind words about the blog. You are a big part of the reason I reached my goal this weekend, which I intend to write as a follow-up to this story. You were a big encouragement to me, and I just want to say thanks again for listening! You gals put on a fantastic event, and I hate to say this because I want the numbers to increase for y’all, but I loved it just the way it was with this small nucleus of ladies. Hey I know, from here on out, we will be known as “The Nucleus”! I look forward to seeing you, too, Cathy! BW

  3. Glad you had a good time. Did you take anything from this weekend that you will incorporate into your Bayou Woman’s Weekends?

  4. Had a wonderful time! It was so great to meet you and hope we get to go fishing sometime. It’s so hard to pick one story from the weekend – scavenger hunt? Clay shooting? Kayaking was definitely one of my favorites, and I’m told I did a good walrus imitation!

    • Hey Muddy Mary! Yes, I can confirm the winning walrus imitation! Only thing missing were the sound affects!!!
      Seriously, though, you threw yourself over that kayak like a pro!!! I’ll email you about fishing. The trout should be getting into our lake soon, and I will need to go scout. How much notice do you need? Great getting to know you and your clay shooting expertise inspired me that I could do it, too! BW

      • LOL! I’m glad there is no video of that!
        I don’t need alot of notice – just message or email me!
        I hardly qualify as a clay shooting expert, but I’m glad to be an inspiration, rather than a bad example. I’d be happy to bust birds with you anytime!

  5. What a wonderful post, BW. It surely sounds like a great time was had by all.

    Women rule!

    P.S. I’m glad you didn’t have to march in formation again, too. That must have been a bit of a shock to find yourself back at Camp Hessmer in the same cabin!

  6. I just came back for a second read and saw what I missed the first time – that arm sling in the last photo! Life’s not always easy, huh?

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I don’t have any women’s outdoor adventures to tell you about, but I do have a funny story from my china collecting days. I heard as a rumor and then confirmed that out in Ohio there were people using seconds from some of the china factories for skeet shooting. Apparently a couple of the molds produced plates that were just the right size and weight to mimic the clays.


  7. It’s time for the drawing for the candle from Amy’s Country Candles. There are 5 of you ladies who left a qualifying comment. Your names are on little pieces of paper, which I put into a big bowl. Now, I will get my special son to draw one out. Stand by, and I’ll be right back with a winner. And the winner is Rhonda Coco Jamison! Congratulations, Rhonda. I will email you and we will go from there with the details of how to receive your free candle! Thanks for all the comments, ladies. Now, it’s time for Part 2 of that weekend. Let me get busy on that right now!

    • Hey Wendy, I think I’d like to be the first one around here to have a swamp man candle. So, that scent will be fine. Thanks so much. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and all the ladies from WITO event. It’s nice to see how we all keep posting pics and having a good laugh at the whole weekend. Good memories seem to continue to be made over and over again. What wholesome friendships have come from all of this!! Thank You for all you do and proud to have gotten to know someone that loves Louisiana so much!!

  8. As I read this with tears streaming down my face I am so proud of you Wendy!! You accomplished your goal and conquered your fear. You suffered your fears quietly and I am thankful for the great group of women who cheered you on!! This story makes my heart so happy! The NWTF outreach program Women in the Outdoors program is my passion because of stories like yours Wendy. I know what it has done for me and through what I’ve learned from these events, it has allowed me to do for others. And I am blessed to be a part of it. So happy, happy, happy for you. Keep Shooting Capt. Wendy!!!

    • It’s like you said at the close of the weekend, these events can be life changers, and this was definitely true for me. If you know of anyone at NWTF who might want to re-print this story or link to it as a testimonial to the great things they offer, then please let them know I’m just an email away from granting permission for them to use this story. I plan to keep on shooting, thanks to your great event and encouragement!!!

    • You’re probably referring to the “Becoming an Outdoor Woman” weekends offered by LDWF. Now, I’ve heard some wild stories about some of those events. This WITO Bossy Hens event was their first one, and as a result was a smaller group of women, which was perfect for me! I might be overwhelmed by 120 outdoor women at once, all vying for the best classes! I tried getting into one of those several years ago but found out that their April event in La. is so popular that the women would drive their registrations to the office first day of registration, and it booked up almost overnight. I never stood a chance by the time I found out and was ready to mail in my form and check, so after two years, I gave up. There are some women who have attended that event every year since the first one some 22 years ago! I know they’ve formed lasting relationships, as a result. Great hearing from you, Kim!

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