My son's class takes a wetland tour!

It just thrilled me to no end to have some very special guests on my boat . . .

Seated are my son and his two classmates.  Standing is deckhand, Termite.  Miah was so proud of his little brother, Termite.

We’re on our way!

Zee is looking at something very intently.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Looking for gators!

And there it is!

This is Sweet 16, and she’s about as big as a minute and cute as a bug.  She was a little shaky on the boat at first, but once I sandwiched her between her classmates, she felt safe and secure.

Late morning, we anchored in a calm, quiet pond and ate our picnic lunches, as garfish swirled the waters all around us.  We fed them corn ships and bread crusts.  These children and their teachers showed me a wonderful day.   It was an unforgettable event for me, and I hope it was for them as well.


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  1. This is great that Miah’s class took this trip! It looks like everyone involved really enjoyed it.