Name that Rooster!

Oh happy day!  That’s what Gray Girl said to me when my new friends B and M came and brought her a gift.

You might remember that there were two traumatic events that resulted in Gray Girl being the only hen left in the hen house last year.

It tickles me pink to announce the arrival of a husband for Gray Girl, and here he is . .

Even though it was an arranged marriage, she accepted him into the chicken tractor with open wings . . .

and shared her cracked corn with him . . .

Now, all he needs is a name.

Name this rooster!

So, it’s time for a contest:  NAME THAT ROOSTER!

We will take submissions, and if I can’t choose, I will put it up for a vote, and the reader with the winning name will get bragging rights!

Let the naming begin!


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      1. It isn’t just the rooster who helps w/egg production. Moms hens always quit laying in the winter unless we kept lots of fresh greens in front of them. She would pull weeds on her morning & evening walks and toss into the hen yard and I would bring all of the trimmings from lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, etc. home to feed them. Some of the stores around here would give us the trimmings and expired salad makings instead of tossing them out.

        1. Cammy, I’ve been a good hen provider — giving her cast off greens from gifts of veggies from my friends’ gardens this winter. They told me that less daylight has something to do with decreased egg production in winter, but she has not layed an egg in very, very long time–ever since her cell mates were killed. I need to throw some oyster shell in there to see if that helps also. But we don’t have a long, cold, dark winter here. We have cold snaps tossed into our spring-like weather for about 3 months, and that’s it. Come spring, she better get crackin’ or the boiling pot awaits. : (

    1. He does have pretty colors, and speaking of Sunrise . . . . the first morning he was here, I had totally forgotten that roosters crow. Right at daybreak, he started crowing, and he must have let out a blast once every 45 seconds for an hour. I told him everyone was awake already. I told him the neighbors were going to hate him and me. I even gave him extra food to shut him up, but nothing worked. I don’t know how long he’ll make it!

  1. I don’t know why this seems right to me, but I think his name is …..


    Marcel and the Gray Girl – now, doesn’t that just sound like a pair that ought to be performing in some NOLA lounge?

  2. I am in for Robert. Glad you got some wire on the thangerator.
    I am jealous. I was wondering what happened.

        1. But I LOVE suspense! I can’t take a poll, because I fear everyone will vote for their own entry, and we’ll be no closer to naming him. One of my girl friends came over who has read all your submissions and she and I tired each one one for size. I’ll tell more about that when I announce the name . . . very soon . . .this weekend . . . but not today . . . . I have to run to New Orleans and start another new adventure, which I should be talking about very soon also!

  3. BW,I know it’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to stop by.Been going to school full time trying to get my degree.I couldn’t pass on this one,when I was a kid I named one of the farm roosters(Eggbert),after that I was forbidden to name anymore because since I had given him a name,no one wanted him for Sunday dinner.Today my great-nephew has one he calls KFC,that’s what he’ll taste like,he said.

    1. Well, C.E., get back to those books and keep your nose to the grindstone! We’ll figure out a name for this rooster soon enough. Eggbert. KFC. Chuckle, chuckle! I could never eat my hen, but since the rooster just came here, I don’t intend to get too attached, that way he can go into the pot if necessary. Mr. B. would have to come do the job, though. I would have to be starving before I could take the life of a sort-of pet.

  4. Ah C.E.,reminds me of the recently deceased BIL hog farming days sister used to hand raise the runts or orphans and stuff. They ate a bit better than the herd in more than one way. She taught them to sit and some would shake like a dog. But in the end… sausage. They all got cute names none the less.

  5. I like Beauregard, but I think I might substitute Maurice for Marcel. Marcel sounds too French – Maurice might have a little zydeco flavor.

    I had a rooster once – his name was Mr. McBawck. I may have mentioned him. He had a bad crowing habit too, and met an untimely end on the dinner table. 😉

  6. Going fishing next 2 days in fog. Back is flaired up but events do not get in way of pain. Where is all the Mardis Gras postings?

    Need more coffee….

      1. Small world… My eldest son, D.I.L., and 2 grandchildren will be there at the same time. Also know of a family from Bourg and 2 friends (you met one here at my home) that will be there at the same time. I’ll have to get my daughter- in – law to study “Dotter’s” photo on her blog. Never can tell…they may run into each other.

    1. Oh, just like a good writer — a play on words!!! Instead of “hen” pecked, his name is Henry Pecked! And he’s handsome like “Gregory Peck” remember him?

  7. I think you should name the new rooster Turtle since poor Gray Girl had to endure T talking to her so much while we were there, lol. I tried to get Jason to build a chicken tractor so I could get him chickens but he didn’t think Kassi would appreciate that.

    1. Now that’s funny! If he doesn’t help with getting some eggs produced he might find himself sharing a pot with other dumplings.

      1. Dumplin’!!! Good one!! I’m surprised Deloutre didn’t come up with that one because she makes a MEAN pot of chicken and dumplins, for sure for sure!!!