Name this tree contest!


Since no one has been able to name this flower, LilSis helped me realize that asking you to do so was misleading, because you actually need to name the TREE!

With that said, the first person who finds this tree through a Google search and then posts a link to an image just like this flower will win a packet of seeds from this tree!



On you mark, get set, GOOGLE!!

Your flower lovin’


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  1. How far are you from Marksville? I have a friend who is dancing in the powwow there this weekend. I’ve heard its the best powwow in Louisianna and people go from all around to watch the dancers. I was just curious where you were from there.

  2. Nope I’m not coming down, I wish I were. My friend has won or placed well the past couple of years in their category. Maybe next year I can plan ahead to attend and stay with you and go fishing.

  3. I see a green bug or spider(maybe) on the first pic but is that an ant on the last pic? The flower is pretty. It is strange though that only one petal has dark pink…wonder what is up with that?

  4. Is it a bearded grass pink orchid? And the first one shows a spider of some sort on one of the petals and the last one has a black ant crawlling out.

  5. Yes, Joan, there is a teensy black ant. Good eyes!

    No, it is not a bearded grass pink orchid.

    Did you get your photo yet? I hope it turned out okay. You never know from store to store how the printer will do.

    1. Yes, I sent you email last night! It turned out great and the people in the photo section were remarking on what a quality photo it was!

  6. yeah, yeah………..I see the darn green critter in the first pic., and the ant in the thrid one too. I was has hoping this was a fig flower showing that green pod-like thing in the third frame. Just my wishful thinking.

    Must say you’re a pro at these photo contests.

  7. Oh and yes I can bait my own hook, remove fish caught from said hook, fillet and cook the fish. I was raised on the lake with my Grandfather. I may be girly but I still got my priorities in life in order!!!! LOL

  8. Mrs.Coach- I visited her and left a comment, but she has some recipe suggestions already!!! I just gave her a little bayou advice! Thanks for the referral!

    1. Hi Cammy and welcome to the bayou! It’s always great to have new readers join in! And I really like your two guesses! I’ll let the contest go another day or so and then announce the winner, so come back often to see if you won!!!

    1. Hi Kendra and let me welcome you, too! I am loving these new guesses from new readers! Or maybe you lurkers are coming out from behind the scenes! Either way, I’ll let you know very soon what it is!

  9. After studying it a bit more, it reminds me of my Clemitis/Clemitus plant that was soooo beautiful and died. My Arctic Queen also died.

    I can see the leaves and they remind me of the Clemitis and also some of the azaleas. But the anthers are long like lillies and orchids.

  10. A tree, huh? I was going to call it a Japanese magnolia of some sort, but have had no luck at all Googling for an exact replica of this flower. So, guess I’ll just wait like everybody else to find out!

  11. I “Googled” till my eyes hurt! I’m not usually a quitter, But I’m throwing in my eye drops on this contest. I’ll wait for “Name this fish”. I know I’ve seen this flower before, but have no idea what it’s called. (THE FLOWER OR THE TREE!!!)

    1. I can’t believe I”ve stumped y’all!! Must be because Kim is quietly and diligently searching through all her books to find this beauty!!! Kim? You there?

  12. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s the flower of an orchid tree. I saw the one up the street from me had a few blooms on it a couple of weeks ago.

      1. Hi BW, Things on the Raccourci are messy and noisy. Still no power but should be back on in a couple of weeks, we’re told.
        The supers of the TE-44 project told us they plan to be finished by end of August. We’ll see how that goes.

        You betcha!, I’d love some seeds! The trees near me are white so I’d like a different color. Love those trees. Even when not blooming they are beautiful. How about I email you next time we head to the camp and maybe you can meet us at Falgout landing? Should be next week sometime? Or if they will fit in an envelope maybe you could mail them? Whatever is easier for you. Let me know.

  13. OK, You’re just being sadistic stringing us along waiting for Kim to get back from the “Wilderness”. LOL

    1. And Miss Joan, congratulations! You won some, too, since you posted the link like I asked!!! How did you find it? Did you go from Cynthia’s guess?

      1. Yes, I went from Cynthia’s answer and Googled “orchid tree.” I appreciate being named one of the winners, but I don’t think that tree will grow up here in north central Alabama – so this time I’ll just have the satisfaction of knowing I finally found it!!

  14. I just saw that on ebay! It is called Bauhinia purpurea or Purple Orchid Tree.

    I came back to post and see Joan S. had found it also!

  15. No wonder I couldn’t find it on “Google” it was on Ebay. BW said, “On your mark, get set, Google”!

  16. Gardening has as many rules as the Bible and some consider those rules as set in stone as those taken from the mountain by Moses.

    Unlike those in the Bible, gardening is a human sport & many rules beg to be broken.

    A rather elderly (meaning older than me) woman has been laying huge hunks of cardboard & layers of newspaper on her garden for many years. She then proceeds to put 8 inches of mulch on top of that. When she plants something, she simply digs out a hole. She never has to weed or fertilize. Over and over for a couple of decades, this rule breaker has made the perfect garden soil. Mind you this was before the words “green and organic” were popular.

    In our Zone 5, always dig tender cannas & gladiolas in the fall – it’s the rule. This year I have volunteer glads & cannas in many locations. One is the area where our foundation had been torn out and the soil returned. They’re rule breaking little beauties.

    A garden must be planted by May 1st to have a bountiful harvest. This year has proved a rule breaker with some of the best tomatoes and sweet corn we’ve had in years. The weather can make rule breakers out of all gardeners.