New Orleans Book Fest!

Today at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana, I saw some amazing things without going very far from our display tent.

Want to see them?

I saw . . .

a frog spraying water out of its mouth,

and a fish spraying water out of its mouth,

and many other frogs doing the same,

a mallard drake swimming around,

a dinosaur lurking in the trees,

and a pirate blowing a didgeridoo.  A didgeri – who?

A pirate?  Yes, can you guess who?

Back soon,


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    1. Ha!!! Gosh, do I seem old enough to be his mom! That is funny! No, he’s not my son. I just met him this day. He is a reader here . . . . I should go easy on you, though! Looking back at the photo, it is very hard to tell his age. All in good fun, Cammy!!!

    1. Hello Seika, and welcome to the bayou. So glad to know you’re keeping up! Hoping to meet you this coming weekend.

      Clarification — Seika is not his MOTHER, but rather is significant other!

    2. Don’t worry about me, I’m old enough to be his grandmother probably. But, he does cut a dashing figure in his pirate get-up.

  1. Me, I like the dinosaur – probably because I are one!

    I am so d%^@* jealous of you getting to travel around. I have got to figure out something to free myself up for a bit from my responsibilities here at home. We’ll see – I need my trip to the bayou!

    1. Yep, that he be, Matey!!! And he is the real deal, that’s fer sure! Next weekend, if I can work it all out on this end, I hope to meet his other half, Quarter Master Seika at the NOLA Pyrate Week Parade and celebration in Pirate’s Alley!

  2. Is that a stop I need to add to my ever growing list of places to visit when we come to see you?