North Carolina Fisherman Visits the Bayou — 20 Comments

  1. ***Note to Steffi…trout in DeCade in late March. I’ll file that away for next year. Is LeHaw’s soft bait available here? I might just want to purchase some. I’ve got more baits now than cents…(change that to sense), but I do want to help out the economy as much as possible. The trout might like them down the highway in Grand Isle. I’m glad y’all had a really “fishy” day. Maybe he’ll come back soon for that kayak trip.

  2. Looks like you are staying busy and your clients well fed. Sometimes I miss fishing but then I think of the cold, damp and mosquitos and it sort of evens out.

  3. Enjoyed staying at the camp and fishing with you Wendy. (she outfished me both days) I was using Excite-a-bite curly tail grubs, Gulp & Powerbait. I can’t say any one worked better than the others. Wendy knew right to find the trout, then she’ll outfish you. Seriously though enjoyed my time time in bayou. Hope to visit again soon. AL

  4. Often times it doesn’t pay to ‘know too much’.

    Lot a guys here think sacaulait move around a lot.
    I pretty much catch them in same areas year round.
    Corks and slow and fishing on a drop and retrieve makes the difference.

    When the fish are biting, they are biting.

    I’ll be checking that book site too.

    Know a couple guys that have thriving used/estate book businesses.

  5. Pound of coffee and a hat. Caffeine is a wonderful thing. Looks like a biz model for my retirement.

    Once I perfect the burrito wrapping. rofl….

  6. Up there were Duck’s Cottage is in blue (very nice blue, too) click on that. Who wrote this for you anyway???? Termite take up ghost writing.

    • The Duck’s Cottage link actually goes to the bookstore. When I click on it, that’s where it takes me.

      No, Termite did not write it. A very tired BW did. So, stop playing mystery games and send me an email if you have something else to say that is not for all readers. BW

      • Thank you, Cammy, because I have no idea what Blu is referring. He was making me nervous that someone might have hijacked the link and made it go somewhere inappropriate!!! BW

  7. Ha the Duck Cottage hat and the blackbeards blend coffee out of the french press are wonderful. Thanks.

    BW, relax ok??

    • Ah yes, the hat. Sorry, but the brain doesn’t have time or energy to decode Blufloyd mystery comments these days. The hat makes him look dorky, too, just like you :)!!!!!

    • Blu, what is blackbeards blend coffee? You know, Blu, my readers could learn a lot from you if you would just take the time to type out a complete comment, explaining rather than mystifying. We would all enjoy a little Blu trivia from time to time. So SPILL IT, bud. 🙂

  8. From the hot linked ‘Duck’s Cottage’ go to
    then click on coffee or classics or whatever. When you order village blend they substitute blackbeards blend and call you on the fone too.

    They also sell ball caps with the caffeine molecule on front.

    I remain baffled that Duck’s Cottage is hot linked if you don’t know about it. Must be an auto thing with mutual server hosts or something.

    So when we hitting the outer banks???

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