Now, I'm excited!

My “TO DO ” list is about a half mile shorter than it was a month ago, but as I sat at my desk this morning looking for comments from you and deleting junk mail, and generally avoiding what needed to be done, a red truck drove past my bedroom window headed back toward the new house.

Hey!  What are they doing?  Who is that, anyway?

And what is under that blue tarp?  I see the edge of something wooden.  Is it . . . . ?  Could . . . it . . . be . . . . ?

IT IS!  This, my dear friends, is super exciting and is going to make up for the doldrums of buying switch plates and receptacle covers later today.

Enough with the formalities, Jake!  GET ON WITH IT!

Get those babies up here PRONTO!

Easy does it!  Watch that door frame!  Careful, now.

Ok, good.  Right this way, and watch out for those newly-painted walls.

1, 2, 3, UP!  Heave ho, fellas.

And one hour later, guess what we have in the kitchen?

The most amazingly gorgeous and unbelievably fantastic . . .

Kitchen cabinets, including an island that I can roll around, because I was too addlepated to pick a permanent spot for it.  You know, better like this?  Better like this?  Or like this?

The cabinet with the panes is in memory of my Great Grandmother Addie and Grandmother Vi who lived together.  I have a lot of memories of their tiny kitchen and the glass-paned wall cabinet where chocolate jelly ring candies hid, waiting for us to find them when we went to visit on Wednesday nights and watched Greenacres, Beverly Hillbillies, and Lost in Space. I already love that cabinet.

Honestly, I love, love, love all these cabinets.  They are worth every penny the twin brothers who own and operate Cypress Woodworks had to pry out of my pudgy hand.  Josh measures and designs, and Jake installs.  They make a great team, and together with a crew of carpenters, they turn out really beautiful work.

Next?  Paint, paint, and more paint.  Yes, the cabinets are paint grade maple–not cypress.  Sorry if the company name misled you.

Can’t wait to see if you like them as much as I do.  If you don’t?  Well, you can say so, but I’ll just think you’re saying that because you’re jealous.  But don’t steal my joy!  These are absolutely the most beautiful thing I think I have ever owned.



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    1. That was Josh’s design suggestion. I like, too, but wasn’t sure I would when he suggested it. I pretty much gave him carte blanche, and he did not disappoint!

  1. Are you painting them or staining them? They are gorgeous! I am green with envy. You have more cabinet space on the island than I have total! I am with you on the glass fronted cabinet. I think they are so special. You can store your favorite dishes in it and they will be there for all to see.
    I have a feeling that you are going to love the roll about island! I have a drop leaf table in the kitchen that I can roll around and I absolutely love it! I goes from 10″ wide with both leaves down to 2′ 10″‘x3′ with one up or 4′ 10″x3’ with both up. There are 4 chairs stored in it also. That is the kids table at special gatherings.

    You are getting so close!

    1. Cammy, believe it or not, this is less space than I have now, even though my current cabinets are nothing to look at compared to these. I have a U-shaped kitchen right now, and the new one is only an L, PLUS I’m losing a tall cabinet, but I gained an island, so I’m not complaining. How’s that for a run-on sentence? LOL! I hope my old English teacher isn’t reading this. Anyway, I think I will like the island, too. more detailed pics coming later . . . .

  2. I have to tell you how much I love your paint color. It’s so pleasant and easy to live with and yet makes a statement, too. Very nice! And your cabinets look lovely! The design is so stylish. What color will they be, and WHO will paint them? They will look gorgeous. My husband is a cabinet maker and our Cherry cabinets all have glass front doors. It’s a great look. Your house is amazing and I’m thrilled for you!! Keep up the good work, all of you!

    1. The paint color was swiped from friends who have great design taste. They have it in their home, and when I stayed there, it just sucked me in with comfort. They will be painted an off white that goes well with greens—all the wood trim in the house is the same color. Thank you so much for your kind words, and please come back to the bayou any time!

      1. You know, I’ve been reading your interesting blog for a year or more now, but never moved myself to comment until you got into design ideas and photos. I guess that’s my hot button! But I tell everyone about your blog because your life style and issues are large and different from those in our area of the county. The environmental impact of man and nature on your area is powerful, and reading about it here makes me more aware. And I’m going to love those off-white cabinets!

  3. They are beautiful, and I really like the tribute to wonderful childhood memories with the glass paneled cabinets. Happy kitchen-ness 🙂

  4. Your cabinets are AWESOME! And the paint color is gorgeous. Wish you would post the name of it for us folks who can never decide on what color.

    1. I did post the color, but I don’t mind doing so again. It is a Devoe paint color that you will have to get your paint store to look up and duplicate. It is called Delta Fog, and even Devoe does not make it any more. I know for a fact that Home Depot will reproduce it for you. Does that make you happy? 🙂