Guess where I went? Part 1


The first time I went to Nunu’s was with my sister, Heather Here, and we had such a great time watching everyone dance, we vowed to learn to dance and go back. Well, neither one of us has learned to Zydeco dance yet, but when my friends invited me to go, I couldn’t resist!  Besides, it was my last time to see them before they embark on a one-year camping/kayaking trip across the country.


Joe Hall and his Cane Cutters played Zydeco music . . .


while my traveling friends Sam and Kim danced the Cajun 2-step . . .


And then there’s the good dancer that everyone one wants to dance with . . . cute, petite, light on her feet . . .


I tried to get her aside to teach me some of that fancy footwork, but she just had no time for an amateur like me . . . her dance card was full. I used to be her biggest fan, now I just hate her. Check out those boots. See, I told you there was such a thing as Zydeco dancing boots!

Things were a little slow that night, and we later found out it was because there was a local Mardi Gras parade that had folks otherwise engaged.

So, the next day, we went to a Vermilionville in Lafayette to see what was going on there, and things were already hopping at 1 p.m.dancing1.jpg

To be continued . . .

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  1. Wow! That looks like fun! I’m going to have my husband read your post and see if I can get him past his dancing phobia….

    I found out that the basic 4-count is really easy. And then as you get comfortable with it, you just spice it up any way you like. Zydeco dancing is like making gumbo—everybody starts with the same basic “roux” and then after that, whatever you like best!!!