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  1. You may have just solved our riding mower problem!! It starts, runs a lap or two, dies and will not start again until we shake the heck out of it or spray carb cleaner into the filter area. I think I’ll see about replacing that fuel hose and filter. I’ll let you know if it works or if we have to borrow a trailer and haul it to the mower shop 2 miles from here.:)

    • Probably so. Read Miriam’s comment. I didn’t go into details, but ethanol doesn’t hurt our vehicle hoses/parts because we run it through there so fast, it doesn’t have time to degrade things. But for those vehicles that only get seasonal use, and we never run the fuel out, gas with ethanol is very, very destructive! One day I’ll write a post about what happens when we don’t “winterize” our boats, generators, etc.

  2. We burned up a boat motor and fouled the motors of 4 wheeler and a weed-eater before finally figuring out it was the ethanol gasoline. And just to underscore that conclusion, lent the 4 wheeler to a relative to keep and use for an extended period, but forgot to tell him to use only non-ethanol gasoline. It ate thru and jellified soft parts so badly the fuel ended up in a puddle on his shed floor. Yep….ethanol blend might work fine for motors that get used every day, in more arid parts of the country. But down on da’ bayou…our motors that might sit for days, weeks, maybe even a couple months between uses, in weeks of 80-100% humidity…nope! And regarding condescension…. in my experience, it really doesn’t matter if one knows a lot or just a little or next to nothing….condescenders gonna condescend! Enjoy reading your thoughts! 🙂

    • You are spot on, girlfriend! And as I told Cam, maybe I’ll remember to write a post about winterizing boats and other things we don’t use in the winter! It’s essential to the life of our gadgets we spend so much money on.

  3. I don’t know a thing about boat motors and their parts. But I do know that I’m happy you are posting more often. Your articles are always so interesting. Even about motors!

      • I told hubby about your post and he said he bet that’s what it wasays. We had a weed eater we used once or twice at the end of summer a couple of years ago that had to be rebuilt because of the gas. We plan to go to the dealer tomorrow to get new hoses and filters.

        • Yes! My work is complete LOL!! I helped a poor, abused engine! Well, I’m just joking with ya but I’m happy to help and certainly hope this solves the problem! I guess by now you know what places sell ethanol-free gas? Down here, there’s only ONE pump, and it’s labeled right on the button you press for fuel grade. You have to look closely or ask them which pump it is. Don’t assume it is ALL pumps, because typically it isn’t, and it’s usually the grade just above 87! Good luck!

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