Oilspill Update: The Signs on Grand Isle, LA

The comic phrase “Here’s a sign for ya!” keeps coming to mind.  But on Grand Isle, LA, where the oil spill is leaving its mark everywhere, there is no shortage of signs.  On a recent trip there, my first since the oil spill, the frustration was evident, hand-made signs standing as centinels, though human presence was sparse for this time of year.

On an island that should have been bustling with summer vacationers, what we saw were camps and homes plastered with real estate signs hawking at us, “FOR RENT” and “FOR SALE”.  And not just a few.  There were an abundance of properties available.

Why?  Because the beaches are closed.  I will be posting more about what we saw there, along with photos.  For now, I will let the signs speak for themselves.

All the things they stand to lose because of the oil leak.

Next:  A post about the beach cleanup efforts.


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  1. They always say the best way to win a fight is to use your words, looks like a lot of people are using thier words! Such a sad, preventable, unexcusable mess. If living with natural disasters wasn’t enough, man has to come along and mess it up even more.

  2. Hey BW I wanted to go see. I’d heard about the signs & was gonna go take photos and maybe do some T sirts but I’m glad I didn’t; just seeing yours made me cry. I hope this new cap works and doesn’t make it worse.
    God Bless

  3. We’re going to try to go down soon to see them all for ourselves. We had seen a few signs when were there a week after they closed the beaches and surrounding waters.

  4. Did you get to talk to any of the locals? If so, what was their outlook? Thanks for the pictures. Have you completed your move? Looking for an update.

    1. Yes, I talked to a few, and I plan to blog about it when I can get stuff moved from old house to new house and have some down time. So much to do . . . so little time (help)!!!

  5. What effect do y’all think this Tropical storm in the Gulf will have on clean up efforts? If we have to endure a T.S., I hope it will push ALL that oil to sandy beaches where cleanup will be much easier and OVER WITH! ( OK it’s a pipe dream) Anyway, has anyone heard anything? I’m usually up to date on the news, but this week has been an exception.
    I was seated on a Fed jury Mon. and unable to watch the news, so I was not even aware there was something brewing until I heard court personnel talking about it yesterday. Finished up today, so I’ll be watching tonight. BTW B.W., the case was about something which occurred in your area.

    1. REALLY? Too bad you can’t tell me more! Oh yes, the cleanup crews were evacuating the island all day long today, as reported by my friend who works for FOX News Network. It is a “liability” thing with BP. It’s a shame because some of the equipment is going so far away, that even Billy Nungesser of Placquemines Parish suspects something is amiss and that they are not planning to come back at all. They are saying it will take two weeks to get them rolling again once everything is evacuated and halted. That’s just crazy. It’s not going to amount to much of a storm, I suspect. And I agree that pushing that oil onto beaches would be much easier to deal with than having it continually roaming around in the Gulf.