Ok, let's change the subject. May I have your permission to be proud?

See this?


Guess who has an article on Page 8? Here’s a quote from the website:

The Fine Art of Jug Fishin’
Local fisherman practices his art with age-old techniques and a few new innovations.
By Wendy Wilson Billiot

Heather Here and I have been talking for a while about how to introduce this colorful local fisherman into my blog, without raising too many eyebrows in the process! For those of you who are married, you will be allowed to vicariously enjoy the fun we are going to have with this, but for those of you who are single and between 35 and 45, I’m thinking up some really fun, interactive things between you and Fisherman!

Curious yet? I took his name off to keep things mysterious, but we’ve developed several nicknames for him over the years, like Neanderthal Man, Tarzan of the Bayou, and Bayou Fabio.

It was several years before I finally got up the courage to ask him if I could photograph his fish and him cleaning them. He didn’t say much to me in the beginning, and because his heart language is the fast-spoken local French/Indian, I found him hard to understand. I had to say what? huh? say again? so many times that I think he thought I was really dense. When I asked him if he had a woman, he said something that he now says to me every time he sees me. “I’m still looking for a blonde with brains!”

When I saw him after Christmas, he was sitting on his dock looking downcast. With head hanging down, in all seriousness he said, “Now I know there’s no such thing as a blonde with brains. I asked Santa for one, and HE couldn’t even find me one!”

That may not be very amusing to you, but coming from a simple man with a simple life and a simple sense of humor, it was priceless!

Little by little, I plan to introduce you to the unique life of this hard-working anachronism, who, by the way, has never been married.

So? What say ye? Anybody interested?

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  1. Of course I’m interested……….even though I’m married! Come on with more information!!!

    OKAY!!!! I’ve got ONE TAKER!!!!

  2. Wait a minute! Send pictures! Then I’ll know if I’m interested….I keep picturing Gerard Depardieu of the Bayou….

    What’s that? One of your characters you made up?!! I can’t decide which photo to send first . . thinking . . .

  3. I’m interested in the process. I want to see if this really will help him find his girl.
    Alas, I gots a man. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to watch a day at the races!