Only down the bayou!

This accident occurred just down the road from Camp Dularge yesterday.  The below photo and a brief story were printed online yesterday afternoon.


Photo by Matt Stamey/The Courier

Dead frogs lay on the shoulder of La. 315 in Dularge Thursday afternoon after a Dodge Charger crashed into a Dodge pick-up while trying to turn left off Brady Bridge.

The driver of the Dodge truck was traveling south by himself and had been frog hunting earlier.  (By himself? Are you kidding me?  Witha bucketfull of frogs as passengers? Frog hunting earlier?  Wouldn’t that indicate using a gun?  We went “frogging” night before last and all I used was a light and my bare hands.  Let’s get the facts straight here people!  You don’t catch frogs in the daytime, either.)

There three passengers in the Charger and both drivers were transported with only minor injuries.  Great.  But what about the frog fatalities lying on the side of road?  I mean, did somebody at least give them a decent burial?  Or did someone take them home and clean them for supper?  Let’s not consider this road kill, folks, nor should we let these frogs die in vain.

I know this seems like a ridiculous story, but it really did happen.  There were EMT trucks there and a Med-Evac helicopter.  It had the potential to be a horrendous tragedy for the humans involved. But BW is here to tell you if those frogs went to waste, it was indeed tragic.

Coming soon:  How to keep frog legs from jumping out of the frying pot!



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  1. From the picture, the frogs don’t even look big enough to eat. The Miller sure loves to eat frog legs. I’m sure we would have to fight the snakes to get a frog and I’m here to tell you it isn’t worth it to me. Bring on the frog frying/cooking tutorial.

  2. Oh boy. And I thought the mobile home that exploded while being towed down the highway was weird. I’ll pass on the frog legs, though. Thanks anyway!

  3. Girls, Girls, Girls…hasn’t anyone ever told you they taste like chicken? I like to eat ’em, but you won’t catch me out in a boat at night doing any “frogging”. I’ll get my Frog Legs the same way most people do…on a “Seafood Platter”.

  4. Better than live frog torsos floating at the boat dock. Yearly occurrence here, our limits only 8 but most people ignore the law. Used to love running a rookie grabber’s head into the high bank with the Grumman.

    Pretty yummy in my memory and we didn’t have Tony’s.

  5. Mrs. Wendy!

    Greetings after many years! Remember me? We used to have wonderful laughs along with my Mother and sisters at the table when you would come up to visit Mrs. Heather. Your potato salad has become a trademark of mine and many people have fallen in love with it! Just this past weekend it won another faithful following among the natives in Weatherford, TX.

    I am so glad to find you here! We shall have to do better at keeping up!


    1. Of course I remember you, my dear girl!!! Did Heather tell you to find me here? Funny, you are commenting just one post away from a recipe that was served with my “famous” potato salad!! Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can be so good? I hear you’re doing well for yourself, and all grown up. I’m thrilled to hear from you!!

      1. According to Mr. Hurd, my latest victim, you could kill men with that salad. I’ve had it beat Grandmother beyond Grandmother’s Potato Salad…It’s heavenly!

  6. I do love a good batch of fried frog legs. We use a beer batter on them with a bit of spicy seasoning in it .

    Back in the younger days, my husband and his brother in law would go out frog giging on a Saturday night. Sundays lunch was “faux” chicken! One of the best memories of my sister in law was her first experience of frying frog legs. She was about 7 mo. pregnant and when those legs started jumping out of the pan, she took off thru the house and didn’t stop until she was on the front lawn. LOL!!! I laughed so hard I cried. Her mother in law & I showed her how to cook them safely after we managed to calm her down.

  7. SSSssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I I Immm hwunting wrabbits! hehehehehe……lol. Even I know you don’t “hunt” frogs, those tiny guns get jammed too easy!!! After watching my mother try frying a batch of frog legs……o n c e….I too prefer mine on a seafood platter or from booth in Rayne! I agree with Steffi, they do taste like chicken!