Out With the Old . . .

. . . and in with the new. Do you really want to hear this boring story? If not, click away from here. If so, let’s move on. Just look at the removal/delivery man. Even he is paying homage to the Ancient Freezer. Does anyone out there in cyberspace still own a manual defrost?

Yesterday while eating that ugliest frog, I kept smelling a bad order in the utility room and thinking, “surely these clothes can’t be that smelly”.

I followed my nose to the freezer and had a moment of “Oh, no. This can’t be happening.” Before I opened the door, I squinted and thought with all my might, “Please, don’t let my freezer be thawing out.” But it was.

You realize you’ve been keeping house a long time when you stop and remember just how old your freezer is. Okay. I bought it for our first house back in 1981. It has served us well. It’s the old-fashioned kind that you defrost yourself (with a blowdryer!!!)

It’s not store-bought things like frozen pizza or TV dinners that are of concern when a bayou woman’s freezer thaws out. It’s the seafood–the shrimp and the fish. Luckily I caught it in enough time that I only lost what was on the top shelf. Yes, I lost some frozen fish, but it could have been way worse if the smell had not alerted me.

We live 20 miles from town, so I knew I had to race there to buy a new one ASAP. I am about to do some free advertising for a major DIY chain for making this task so painless. I had been looking at the freezers only briefly when the saleslady offered me her assistance. I chose one (fancy frost-free model) and paid for it within 10 minutes.

Now, 21 hours later, it has been delivered, installed, and the deliveryman has hauled the old one away. What kind of memorial do you perform for a dead deep freezer?

Which store did such a great job?


Thank you Saleslady and Elwood, the deliveryman, for making this near catastrophe so manageable.

Now, will someone pleeeeeeease come help me put all the stuff back in my utility room?

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  1. I have to comment on this one…that is the same delivery guy i had when my frech doors was delivered the 2nd X around…LOL too funny to see him again…He had the same look on his face (as pic above-1st one)when halling back my 1st X around broken seal french doors…LOL…great co. great service…sometimes great price!!…LMAO!!!