Phone call and a Valentine


Me:  “Hello?

Danno (21 year old single son!):  “What are you doing right now?”

Me: “I’m just talking to a house-raiser man, why?”

Danno:  “Because I want to come down and hang out with you and the boys before I go back on the boat tomorrow.  Do you need anything from town?”

Me: “Well, I’m not sure what I’m cooking for supper.”

Danno:  “Don’t worry about cooking for me.  I ate Subway for a late lunch.”

Me:  “Okay, then, come on down.”

Danno:  “Okay.  And I’m also bringing your Valentine gift!”

Me:  “Uh, gift?  Okay, see you in a little while.”


Valentine gift

Looks like it might hold a chocolate rose . . .

Valetine gift card

No rose, but a whole lot more.  A gift card to a day spa I’ve been wanting to try.  And a very generous gift at that.

Me: “Son, why did you spend so much money on me for Valentine’s?  We don’t exchange gifts on Valentine’s.”

Danno:  “Because, Mom, you’ve been working hard and you deserve it and you said you wanted to try this place.  Daboo and I checked it out and it’s really nice, and I knew you would never spend the money on yourself.  Go enjoy yourself while the boys are at Disney World.”

Me:  “Well, thank you!  I’m looking forward to it!!  I love you, son.”

Danno, in his best Cajun accent:  “Mais, I luv you too dere, cher!”

To all of you out there who have wee ones that you’re raising:   Hang in there, love ’em hard, discipline ’em hard, play hard with ’em and one day you’ll turn around and that little bug-bite kid will be a kind, considerate man who will one day make one very deserving young woman a very thoughtful husband.

And then I took two gel caps for all my symptoms, which will knock me out because I hardly EVER take medicine—mostly herbs—but I have not been sleeping.  I need to sleep tonight, so

Good night everyone!


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  1. I hope no future “MS. DANNO” sees your post! I can only imagine what she might come to expect on Valentines Day, Christmas, birthdays…OH!, and let’s not forget Wedding Anniversary!
    Hope the gel caps worked and you’re rested and feeling much better.

    1. Emilie, I accidentally deleted your comment while trying to reply to it. I’m glad you stopped by today and please do take courage in my words. If you love them with the love of God, they will rise up and bless you—sometimes you just don’t know how long that will take!!!

      Steffi – He has no girlfriend and it is going to take a rare girl in this day and age to win his affections. He’s hard to please and brutally honest–some time to the point of hurt feelings, so she’ll also have to have alligator hide for skin!!!!! He’s always been generous, though. When he gets a girl, I’m sure I’ll get the chocolates and not the Day Spa gift!!!

  2. I went to the link for the spa and am having difficulties not mapquesting to see how far from NE Ok I’ll have to go for that! It looks beautiful!!! I know you’ll enjoy it!
    I hope your feeling better. I gave in yesterday and sat at the Indian Clinic for 2 hours waiting to be seen, went in with a sinus infection and hopefully wasn’t exposed to the flu or plague or whatever all those sick people had! lol

    1. Girl, I am right behind you. Going to sit in the doc’s office in about fifteen. I am going at the end of the day when there will be plenty of germs lurking around. Ughh. I hate going to the doc during flu season.

  3. You’re right–the road is never really smooth if you have more than one child, but there are times when the sun shines so brightly it seems to burn into the heart.

    I love the gifts from my grown-up sons. They think of things that would never occur to me. sometimes I think they’re trying to make up for their teenage years !

  4. Okay, just got back from the doctor. The herbs took care of everything else, but this nasty throat just would not quit. It’s not strep, which will make Dotter quite happy (we all had dinner Sat. night as I was coming down with all this and she doesn’t need to be sick.) I got a shot in the hinie and a script for anti-biotic just in case I can’t shake this in a couple more days. I don’t like taking strong medicines that we don’t really need. Now, my new pal “LeMon Zinger” are going to lie down and rest.

    Here’s wishing wellness to each of you this crazy winter!

  5. I am absolutely amazed at how healthy I stay now days. No touching stray bath fixtures doorknobs etc. Sino Fresh if nose starts feeling weird.
    Now I gotta be sticking up for Danno, nothing out there worth the trouble.

    Happy St. Vee Day to all. Hey I am out of DCCDC’s…..

    1. Blu – I’m out of them too! Yep, that’s what Danno says. Girls are just too much trouble. I got this illness from my younger boys! Can’t avoid touching them when they’re sick and/or breathing some of the same air. It’s all part of mothering, Blu. Good thing your dog can’t give you Parvo! LOL!

  6. I know you’ve tried just about eveything, but have you tried Chicken soup? Or should I say Chicken GUMBO. Gumbo will make me feel better just thinking about it. Doesn’t even have to be chicken to do the job. It can be Turkey (forgot… turkey isn’t allowed at your house), Shrimp, or “Seafood” (shrimp, crab, oysters). Oh BW, now you’ve done it! All this talk about illness. You have given my computer a virus, I can feel it down in my bones! I’m getting sick. I better go see if I have some gumbo in my freezer! If I don’t, I may be forced to make some tomorrow before this virus hits me too hard. LOL

    1. Steffi – When you’re too sick to cook gumbo, chicken noodle does wonders. I had it for about three days this week and the broth is so soothing. Two people I talked to this week caught the sore throat over the phone, so be careful LOL!

  7. Well, well, well…the boy came through! How lovely to receive a gift, but how much more lovely to receive the words and the love from your son in such an unexpected way! Makes some of our previous conversations moot, eh, Cher? The foundations built do hold solid…

    I am so happy for you to receive such a precious gift, and I expect news of an update after your spa day! Will they cover you in oatmeal and green tea or throw you into a tub of dark chocolate…? Hhhhhmmm, all sounds pretty great to me!

    Love you so much, BW!

    1. Cover me in oatmeal? Hadn’t thought about that but if it will help psoriasis, then I’m all for it. What about JuicePlus for skin conditions? But first, let me lower the stress in my life!

  8. for your throat, take 1 tsp maalox and 1 tsp liquid pedi benadryl, mix together, gargle, swish and spit up to three times a day. also continue using the wam salt water gargle. I can only hope my guy will turn out that thoughtfull. We are just starting our teen years and he’s gone from mom’s best buddy to hello….any body home in there? Yes, I said take the trash out…which means take it out of the can, out of the house, down to the dumpster…like you always have, not just out of the can and left for the dog to drag through out the house……….As the testosterone levels increase, his common sense and attention span are rapidly decreasing. Guess I need to print your post out, hang it on my wall and know one day…one day…yes, one day……lol. You really deserve a relaxing treat, can’t wait to hear all about it!

    1. Yes, Magnolia, the brain does take a vacation. One older woman friend of mine says the boys go off to man school, you don’t know when they leave but you certainly know when they return!!! I guess there are several ways to interpret that. It was just plain funny at the time. My youngest, at 12, is making the change, and since he’s the baby, I’m taking it hard!

  9. Thanks Coffee Man! Glad you stopped by, as well. I love how blog hopping works! Oh, and my dad was a wood worker and I’d love to see some of your work. Do you have photos posted anywhere? I will enjoy the gift!