Pics from a Roving Reporter

My last words to you Friday were that I was off on assignment.  Now, I’m about to be off to Camp Dularge to meet another artisan, a woodworker, whose work will be featured at the camp.  So I must continue to be brief and mysterious about the weekend.

How about I quickly post a photo story and I’ll let you guess where I was and what I was doing there until I can fabricate a believable story!!!

Here we go!

Jambalaya for 110I didn’t cook this.

Not my plate or beerNot my plate or beer.

paddle craftSpied on a bunch of these

wavesSaw a bunch of these.

Surfs upAnd about a dozen of these

burritoesI got distracted by these

groupshot1Saw about 110 of these . . .

parking lotwho owned about 110 of these

hungry pelicansAnd lastly, about a dozen of these fighting over carcasses

All righty!  Let the imaginations begin!


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