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Poisson Rouge Mercredi !

or for those of us who are not of the Cajun persuasion:

Red Fish Wednesday!

That is exactly what yesterday was, even though red drum were not our target species.  Funny how the best laid plans of fish and women turn out to be the best laid plans of Mother Nature, BUT oh what a best laid alternate plan it was.

Even though the boat was loaded to the gunwales with new, lighter cold-water tackle aimed at enticing those cold-water, bottom-hugging trout to bite, trout are not what awaited us . . .

As soon as I put down the trolling motor, WHAM! Barbara hooked herself a nice cold-water red drum–first cast!  Even though the wind chill felt like freezing temps out there, the bite warmed us all up quickly.

No sooner had we taken pics and unhooked the fish, than WHAM!  Richard’s first cast landed him a beautiful red, also.

Richard Simms, Scenic City Fishing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and his wonderful wife, Barbara, fished with me yesterday.  They were such a great pair of fisher folks and so easy to please.

They had two days of fishing planned; and since the second day was with another guide, and their target species would be red fish, I felt that we should go in search of speckled trout.  With water temps below fifty degrees, the challenge was on as to how to get the cold-water lethargic trout to nibble on our baits.

Since the cold-water trout had alluded me on two recent trips, I did as much homework as I possibly could on lures and techniques, and gathered everything I could (short of live shrimp or minnows); but it just wasn’t in the “go-fish cards” for us to catch trout.

After the red bite slowed down in what has previously been known as a winter-holding-spot for trout, we moved to the spot where Mike and Jim and I caught limits of trout just two weeks ago.  With the SE wind blowing hard, we found it difficult to find just the right spot and even more difficult to find a trout bite.

At the end of the day, though, Richard and Barbara had a fun and rewarding day of fishing, catching, releasing, and I made some new fishing friends.

Richard had a new tekkie toy he was experimenting with–cammo sunglasses that take video.  I think they are called “eye cam“.  Here is what he sent me this morning.  Enjoy!


Tight lines, everyone!


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  1. I’ve been working next to the Clear Creek channel again – too windy for fishing yesterday, but on Tuesdy they were pulling out trout like crazy. 😉
    I know this because I asked some of the guys what those beautiful fish might be. They would give me “that” look and say, “Trout, ma’am”. By the end of the day they’d pulled in so many I could recognize them and didn’t have to ask.

    Those video cam sunglasses are just – well, wonderful. Wish I’d had a pair when I used to help with sailing charters. Could have video’d some of the guys trying a different form of catch and release! LOL