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  1. Looks a lot better than the take out Chinese I had. Plus I bet it warmed up your kitchen, which mine could have used!

    Oh yea, Cuz, it was delicious and the kitchen was cozy and warm. The oven is the only heat we have on that side of the house, anyway!

  2. And a lot better than the frozen pizza I had while shuttling ice chips and Sprite to RenRed.

    Well, nurse HH, I hope he’s on the mend today. That virus stuff gets old real quick!

  3. And we had lemon icebox pie for dessert !

    Oh now, you really outdid me there! Was it really lemon “ice box”? Oh my goodness. And you didn’t save me a piece?

  4. If I made a lemon icebox pie no one but me would’ve gotten any. I only make them about 4 times a year just for that reason. I can eat the whole thing!

  5. Looks great!!! Which wine did you chose?

    Now, MD, you know I don’t drink wine. But I’d be glad for you to recommend one!