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  1. The best of luck in this new venture.

    We are planning to have an early Christmas this weekend with the great-grandkids. Then on Christmas, we will visit our sons home to deliver gifts, then go to our daughters that evening to have a Christmas dinner, deliver gifts and visit our son in law who is recuperating from last weeks heart surgery. We are blessed to have him around this Christmas and hopefully many more. So, dinner will be heart healthy foods and maybe a sneaked slice of pecan pie (his favorite).

    • Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t recall that your son-in-law had suffered heart problems. So glad he’s on the mend, and I know you’re happy to still have him here this Christmas. I think pecan pie sounds divine! Maybe I’ll make one this year!

  2. Well done, BW! That’s a brilliant pitch—short, but clear, comprehensive, and memorable! Hopefully you will get a great response, because it’s a really good programme you’re offering.

    You asked about Christmas….well, on Christmas Eve afternoon we all go to the crib service at church for tiny children. Even though ours are now 24, 26 and 31, they still love to go, having been (in their times) Mary, Joseph, donkeys, angels, stars, wise men, sheep and all points west! In the evening we have a special candlelight dinner with a big puffy oven pancake filled with hot spiced apples, after which my daughter and I will go to midnight mass to sing in the choir.

    On Christmas morning people open stockings at leisure, then a traditional breakfast of sliced oranges and pomegranate, followed by toasted pannetore (Italian Christmas bread). Presents are distributed by my husband, always with a joke for each one, and we all watch as each of us opens one present at a time, so we get maximum pleasure from each one. Then at noon our other guests arrive, usually two or three friends who would otherwise be on their own, and we have a traditional lunch starting with Christmas crackers (you know, the kind you pull, with silly jokes and little gifts and paper hats inside which everyone puts on) and then a light salad to start, turkey for carnivores and Greek feta turnovers for vegetarians, plus mashed potatoes, gravy, sprouts, carrots and cranberry sauce, and at last an ice cream pudding.

    In the afternoon we listen to the Queen’s speech on television, and in the evening most of us settle for a light fruit and cheese snack—except for the two sons, who repeat the entire Christmas lunch all over again! :-))

    I wish you and your family, and everyone else here, a very happy Christmas and a safe, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2016!

    • Thank you, Kathy. It’s so great to hear from you. I remember reading some of this Christmas traditions a couple years ago. I’m so intrigued by your traditions. And listening to the queen is like another world to me, but a charming one just the same. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. I am excited of this new venture for you and glad to know that if us gals just want to gather for a Bayou Adventure we still can, either way it is going to be awesome and I wish the best for you. You have got something real unique. Our Christmas will be going to the boats in Shreveport to eat with family and friends (no dishes to clean no food to cook!) and then afterwards coming home and spending time with my daughter and her fiance which I have missed dearly. But my sister in law, my niece my daughter and I are discussing a trip to Camp DuLarge in the summer of 2016, but one step at a time I have to retire first!!! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

    • I would love for you girls to come down. A group of 4 would be great! You know I’d love to see you, and I miss Amy, too! The Thai place just isn’t the same without her smiling face! Merry Christmas, old friend!

  4. Congratulations, Wendy. I know your new endeavor will be fabulous because I speak from experience with a day spent with you on a Bayou Adventure!
    Have a Merry Christmas.

    • Bev, I hope to be speaking to your photography club in Baton Rouge soon. They are part of the marketing plan–one of several clubs. I’ll be speaking to bird clubs, also. So, I might be looking to you for a little back up testimonial! I’m ready for your ladies to come back and stay for a weekend excursion! Merry Christmas, Bev!

  5. Congrats on your completion of the Propeller Project. I must have missed the explanation of what Propeller was about. I’ve been wondering for some time now what you were up to. I’m sure you learned a ton of good stuff with the Loyola folks. No slouches there. You are one smart chica, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt if it doesn’t sit right with you. Here are my two thoughts on what I take from what I read.

    One, “Bayou Woman” was your brand, just like Pioneer Woman, and I feel like you subordinated your brand name underneath all these new trappings. I don’t see what you gained by changing your business name to Beyond the Bayou Excursions. Bayou Woman Adventures was a great name. Two, aren’t you a certified Coast Guard Captain? What happened to “Captain Wendy” in all this? She seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle too. I would have encouraged you to keep the Bayou Woman and Captain Wendy monikers front and center, now and always. Those four words truly capture who and what you are.

    I still love what you do and wish you and your family all the best this Christmas season.

    • I feel like the teacher just took me to task, LOL! But let me explain: First, Capt. John Swallow already reminded me that Capt. is a credential hard-earned, but I couldn’t wait for the designer to get the logo edits done for this post, which is to add Capt. in front of Wendy. Second, I have NOT changed my brand. I am still Bayou Woman. The reason for the name change for the adventures is because they were for women only. Even though the term “Bayou Woman” in the name Bayou Woman Adventures, referred to “me”, some male marketing professionals felt it would continue to be misleading. And since there is now a broader target market, a more inclusive one, hence the need for a new name. None of these changes came about easily, Brenda, believe me! Lots of exchange, research, consideration, etc. Beyond the Bayou Excursions is just the new name for these trips. Does this help clarify things?

  6. I agree with what Brenda says above. Even though Bayou Woman and Captain are there in the materials, I’d make sure that in important places like the header, I’d have it say “Beyond the Bayou Excursions with CAPTAIN Wendy “Bayou Woman” Billiot. That Captain needs to be front and center, both as a way of indicating that you’re licensed to operate a boat, and as a way of pulling in people who automatically screen out any offerings that don’t come from a professional captain: e.g., fishermen and many photographers.

    Otherwise, it looks great, and exciting. I know one person who is ready to come down for a day on the bayou and in the swamps — just as soon as she knows her new camera and has a better lens for wildlife photography. I’ll bet she might even give you some free pub on her blog, too, along with glowing reports, fantastic photos, and etc.

    Christmas is coming? Really? Oh, my gosh. I jest, of course. This year, I actually have managed to get packages mailed in time, which is huge. And I’m cutting way back on decorating and cookie baking, which has helped, too. It’s going to be a quiet day, but I’m looking forward to dinner with friends.

    • You may read my explanation to Brenda above! The pro bono graphic design help was the last thing they gave me, and we almost ran out of time, but she is willing to go back and make a couple tweaks for me without charging me, so I’m grateful for that. I just couldn’t wait for the edits before writing this post! I haven’t done any baking, and I’m sure my kids are going to be upset if I don’t make Gingerbread cookies and sweet potato pies. I just don’t seem to have the umph to get motivated to do it. Dinner with friends sounds wonderful! We will have holiday finger foods and gift exchange with part of the the family on the 22nd; Christmas Eve service; then Christmas morning holiday breakfast at Dotter’s and gifts. Maybe take a ride down the other bayou to see The Captain’s family Christmas Day and crash their dessert table with coffee early afternoon. Merry Christmas, Linda!

  7. And after ALL that explaining, I find I have an email from the sweet little graphic designer with the udpated versions! Thank you, Robin McDowell!

  8. Love the new brand! I think its great that you now have an entire team to help with promoting your business. You’ve been going it alone for too long. From a business standpoint, it just makes sense.

    • Appreciate that, Choup, and you’ve been on my mind a lot lately. It’s been way too long, my friend. We need a fishing trip to catch up! A friend of mine slaughtered the trout this week at your old spot, Sleepy Island, out at Bay Moncleuse! Merry Christmas from my bayou to yours!

  9. Please forgive me for being so tardy in my reaction. I’m still culling and reacting to the political and gun issue material I received during the week that Jamie and his kids were here, but all I can say is that I am totally proud of you. The venture sounds like it can’t miss and you will be fantastically pleased.
    We’re off to San Antonio on Wednesday to visit with Andy and his family. Our best wished for a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a truly wonderful beginning to “Beyond – – -.”

    • I trust you had a wonderful Christmas with Jamie and some of the grandchildren. You’re forgiven, as they say, better late than never. I’m happy to have your leave a comment, Bobbie. And it was so great seeing you at the hardware store the other day. I really appreciate the encouraging words . . . to the Bayou and BEYOND!!!!!

  10. We are so proud of you ! Still say , I do not know how you do it all!!!!!i know this was a lot of hard work and sacrifices to finish this class. I pray that it will pay off for you. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!!!!

    • Thank you both! And this is just one of the reasons I hardly ever get to visit when y’all come down to the camp. Problem is, I don’t do it all! My office is a disaster area, and lots of menial tasks go undone as a result of my being so otherwise busy. I hope to get by to see y’all later today if the invitation still stands and I can get away from home. Happy New Year to the both of you, too!

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