Prothonotary Warbler (PROW) Project Day 1 — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for the great info and pics. I love the Swamp Maple shot. Are the red flowers a type of lily? I have some like that in the back yard that blooms in the spring. Glad the funding for the project came thru.

    • Cammy, although they look like flowers, I think the red leaves are tiny swamp maples, but I have not verified that yet. Spring sprang overnight down here, and it’s just amazing to me. I guess it sneaks up on me every year . . . everything seems so dead and dormant, and then all of a sudden green bursts forth like it was never winter. Hope all is well with you and yours over there in the big TX!

      • Spring has hit us too. My plum tree was white as snow for a week and now it’s covered in leaves and tiny plums. Or it was until a severe storm with mega winds went thru this am. Lifted part of the roof right off of my grandsons house and a bunch of shingles off of my sons next door. My husband went out to help them replace things. They got it repaired. Or at least enough to last till better weather.

  2. Great job, as always. I’m actually heading home (Chalmette) next week to visit family. Can’t wait to see more and more of the pictures and story. How are the latest additions to the family? All is well, I hope.

    Jeri Petersen

    • Hi Jeri and pre-welcome home to you! Yes, everyone is doing great!! Two little girls are growing like weeds. Time’s flying by! Hope all is well with you and yours, too!

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