PROW Project Continues — 14 Comments

  1. Occasionally I have spider lilies growing in my back yard! Wonderful pictures. Glad y’all weren’t blown out of the boat with these winds.

    • Hey Cuz, it’s great to hear from you! I figured you would have some spider lilies. Do you have the old fashion wetlands also? Like grandmother used to have? Hope all is well in Abita! By the way, the Gulf Intracoastal Water Way was rough! We got a little wet from the spray, but we had on our life jackets! On the way back, we encountered a tugboat pushing a barge, but we made it around it safely, thank goodness.

      • Yes, we have wetlands in our backyard like Grandmother. Tons of huge crawfish towers along with the lilies! It made me queasy thinking about being in the G.I.W.W.

  2. Very interesting! I love heading with you into the swamp. I didn’t realize that the apple snail had made it’s way into Louisiana. Over in FL I know there is a kite (bird species) that thrives on the snails.

  3. I like my photos on the big screen too.

    I loved the trip with you. Spider lilies are beautiful. I have about 3 that I think the birds planted that are deep red. I thought the Red Maple leaves were blooms at first. Reminds me of the Aspens in Colorado. And I think you are correct about the snake. There are so many different types of King Snakes. Is the Apple Snail the type that you featured in a story recently where the Limpet? was having a feast? We have had most of our water sources invaded by Zebra mussels. They are clogging up the pumps and filters and causing a lot of damage that is causing higher water bills. I guess everyone has some type of invasive species trying to destroy our way of life.

    Thanks for the great photos.

    • I enjoyed the blog on my mobile while on a waiting room – the photos are great, the more the better

      • Ha ha, let me make it clear to everyone else reading your comment . . . Ann Elyce is MY AGE!!! And she enjoyed the photos on her mobile, LOL!! Thanks for taking the time, Ann, and I’ll try to keep the photos coming just for you. I guess you heard there’s a 45th class reunion on June 9 at Hilton in Bossier?? I won’t be able to make, though. You?

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