PROW Project Day 2 — 2 Comments

  1. Beautiful shots. What type of snake was that? I didn’t recognize the colors. And the spider wort is taking over my yard. I think I have 3 different colors.
    I always enjoy your posts.

    • Thank you, Cammy! I think it’s just called a ribbon snake. It was small in the grand scheme of things; however, it would have startled me had it joined us in the boat, and it would have been a hilarious sight trying to coerce it OUT of the boat!! I’ve learned a new appreciation of all living things over the years, and Nat and I try not to kill anything, including wasps (which is difficult for me because I really don’t like wasps!) so unless it can really harm us, we try to leave it alone or free it to live another day. I’m glad you continue to enjoy the posts. Yep, spiderworts can be a nuisance in the yard, but they’re so pretty in nature.

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