Raising Camp Dularge Final Day

They were already getting after it when I arrived at 7:30 a.m.


Now that the 8×8 pilings have settled in the concrete, they have to be cut level.draw-the-line

First a level line is marked and then drawn.


Then pilings are cut on the line, making sure all are the same height.

Carrying Beam

Next the beams that the house will actually sit on are carried under the house . . .

Setting Beam

and set in place on top of the pilings like this . . .


and like this.  I see now why these guys are so young!!!

Jack Removed

The hydraulic jacks lower the house onto the wooden beams, and then the jacks and cribbing are removed from under the house.

Iron Beam Removed

The iron beams are dropped to the ground, (you can see how the house is now sitting on the wooden beams!)

Loading Truck

and now they are removed and loaded on the big truck, with all the cribbing boards.

Metal Strap

Everything is bolted together with metal straps and L-brackets.

Azalea Moved

Oh and they kindly moved Azalea to the back yard for me before they left.

Cat Dog Crew

Time:  12:45 p.m.  Here’s the crew, all loaded up and ready to head to the next job. That is one hard-working group of young men.  The oldest was only 30.  I was very impressed with their work ethic.  Of course, they cussed worse than sailors and spit a lot, but hey, they got the job done.

Camp Dularge Elevation Complete

And here she is.  Elevation complete.  Now MY work begins!


To be continued . . .

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  1. Other than stairs, what other work will you be doing? Since Camp DuLarge is a rental, does it have to be Handicap Accessible? (ramp, etc.) Will you try to replant the azalea? I know you’re happy to have this much done already, but I’m sure you’ll be even happier when everything is finished.

  2. Let’s see: There’s the back deck, the back steps, the railing, the front steps and railings. The catwalk on the sides (later). All the piping under the house for gas and water was cut. It’s all GONE and must be redone. I have to get a sewage treatment plant and drainfield installed, level out all the extra dirt, clean up all the concrete and wood trash left behind . . . then I personally will be working inside replacing floor tiles that were removed by the flood (brand new floor that was). And doing some re-painting. And I’m sure there’s more. I’ll be posting all of it as it goes. I’m not planning to put a ramp . . . the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible either . . . . so that limits rentals to folks needing access. To change the bathroom would be a major ordeal . . .

  3. Oh, I have some homework to do to see if I can save Azalea. LilSis said trim it way back and plant it. If it lives, it will bloom in 2010! I’ll have to get the man with the back hoe to dig me a hole for her and then help me put her down in it. She’s a big bush!

  4. When you trim the azalea, only cut it back by 1/3. Anymore than that and it may not make it. It might go into shock.
    You wrote about the ages of the workers and how they did a lot of cussin and spittin. Just think, had this been done in warmer weather, they probably would have been doing it shirtless!

  5. Looks great! I like the way the deck will surround the house. That “L” bracket looks more like a “T”

  6. Got a question? In picture 2 and 3, will there be anything between the planks underneath? Once all plumbing is complete that is? Will it have to insulated to keep it cool?

    1. Thanks, DS! There will be pipes under there. And some people put blanket insulation and hold it up with plywood. People mostly insulate elevated homes to keep the floor warm in winter. I can’t even think about that right now.

  7. What an impressive project! I want to ditto the above comment…what in the world will you work on first, or will you be tackling multiple jobs at the same time??? Are the men in your family helping you with this???

    Wow! Cannot wait to see how you will create what you see in your mind for this cottage!

  8. Vance, right now I am spinning my wheels because the sewage treatment people left out a MAJOR planning detail–forgot to tell me they needed 3-day notice to get all utility companies down here to spray paint their lines on the ground so he doesn’t dig any of them up. And now they can’t come until at least January 2nd. And then he can’t come until after that. And I can’t get the yard cleaned up until he’s finished tearing it up!!

    Since I don’t do ten-foot ladders, I can’t get into the house until I have a back deck and steps, but the carpenter won’t give me a start date. I did get the lumber delivered this morning, but I won’t start my inside work until deck/steps are done.

    I do believe I am headed to town to buy a wheel barrow so I can start moving around all the small chunks of cement to one location. And I’ll plead the fifth on your other question! LOL!

    I know–all in good time. Maybe I should just chill out and take some time off?

    Fishing anyone?!

  9. I have to throw in my 2 cent’s worth…..why didn’t the contractors haul off the debris? That should have been in the contract. At least they moved the Azalea back for you. It looks great and a lot less complicated than the Lovely Lady. Not less nerve-racking for you, I know. Elevators are WAY too expensive but what about a pully type dumb waiter just for hauling stuff upstairs? Just a thought.

    1. Dear Cousin, The contract stipulated that the homeowner does cleanup, and I signed said contract. I just wasn’t there when they piled that up (and it happened very quickly) or I would have asked them to pile it in the back. They only moved Azalea because I asked them pretty please. I have a friend who can build an elevator for about $2000. Some of the newer camps have “dumb waiters” and not full-blown elevators. I don’t have any plans for either right now since it’s a camp rental.

  10. Omigosh that such alot of work. My son and I are rehabbing our finished basement after a flood. Mother Nature can sure wreak some havoc. I guess I’m trying to figure out the situation….this is not your home?…… it’s your weekend place? You rent it out?

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

    1. Suzanne, If you will notice a tab at the top of the page called “Camp Dularge”? Well, that is this place and you can read about it and see pre-storm photos there. I bought it last February for a song and set about renovating it for six months (which I cataloged on this blog under “Cypress Cottage”). The camp was on the waiting list to be raised up when Hurricane Ike came along and flooded it. Some of my renovations have to re-done. It is not our home, but a camp which will be rented out on a nightly basis. And I also have some plans that include fun, fun fun trips for small groups of WOMEN!!!! Can’t wait to reveal those ideas!!!!!

  11. I’m behind on my blog-reading, and I missed this! It looks so cool up there in the air. I bet you’ll love it once you get everything finished. A lot of work and expense, but surely it will pay off in the long run.

  12. Are you kidding me? Well, shoot a monkey! Don’t you just have to grit your teeth and try to grin at the silliness of beauracracy ?!? I so admire your perseverance, dear Friend…you seem to be “grace under pressure!”

    Love you!