Readers’ Choice Photo Winner — 20 Comments

  1. It was hard to chose there are some totally awesome pictures! I think the extra color pushed it over the top. You can see why these ladies get the big bucks, including BW! Did you show these Pro’s that picture of the foggy morning in the pasture…..Winner winner chicken dinner!

    It would have got my vote!

      • You cracked me up, Mr. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Funny you even remember that photo! I always glance at that field when I pass on a foggy morning hoping for a do-over, but no dice!!!

        • That picture was when I reconized that you had an eye for photography. Stuff like that doesn’t just happen, well it does but most of us are going too fast to appreciate it. If we do we never think about sharing our sight with anyone else.

          It was really impressive. It was the type of thing you would expect to see at one of those fancy art shows. You have the eye.

          • Thank you, Goldie, and guess what? it’s foggy this morning, but by the time I head past that field, it will be clear. I have a tour at 10 this morning . . . or I ‘d go shoot it right now!

  2. Did any of you get the chance to visit her Flickr gallery? I absolutely love some of those photos .. . like the primate . . .not sure what it was . . . and some of her black and whites are amazing.

  3. Back after cable modem and router gremlins had me gone about 2 weeks and before that was buggy as the Amish.

    Great pix everybody is a winner.

    Are you cranking up a Turkey Day post? I am making Mark’s famous ( ok , just to me) crab/merliton dressing for families big preT-day seafood blowout.

    Off to firefighter’s hunting breakfast this am.

    Spent last week trying to pack some weight on. I can’t even recognize me anymore. Stoopid disease ridden body.

    • You are probably the only person who has Choupiquer’s stuffed merliton recipe. We are cranking up to do our big meal the day before T-day so all the kids not out on boats can attend. Think Lil Sis and her crew might be down, too. Gonna be a Camp Dularge T-day for all of us! Just keep on keeping on, Blu.

  4. Hey Choupiquer, we’re talking about you! Come alive and tell my readers what merlitons are, how they grow, and all that jazz, and then how you ‘dress them up’ for Thanksgiving!!! please???

  5. I have a couple of the merlitons (chayote here) in the fridge. I use them the same as zucchini or yellow squash. Very good to add toward the end of cooking in vegie soup or chicken tortilla soup.

    • Thank you for the link, Linda, and I have added it and the bio to the original post. Everyone, meet the winner! Linda, meet everyone!

  6. Off topic…Satsumas are tasting good! If we ever make it down, I’ll bring you a lot of them. Do all of you eat them?
    Doctors appointments, Hubby’s P.T. job and Ms are taking up a good portion of our time, so I don’t know when we’ll come down.

    • It’s okay if you can’t share with us because we have a source or two down here. Already ate one batch given to us by the Landry’s last week. I’ve featured their garden before. i’m probably headed there later today. Some folks say they need a nice cool snap before they’re sweet, but theirs are sweet already! Thanks for the generous offer, though!

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