Red Fish Chowder — 29 Comments

  1. If I wasn’t heading for Santa Ana Pueblo early Sunday morning I would be on my way to go fishing! I can bait my own hook and take the fish off myself, no need to worry about my hands. I wont even bring GermX with me, I’d rather be dirty handed than smell like that.

    • Sounds good, Mrs. Coach, all except for the GermX. I keep it on board and use it because we have a flesh-eating bacteria here that likes to get into cuts and scratches inflicted by crab claws and fish fins. Some folks keep chlorine bleach on the boat for the same purpose . . . douse those cuts good to kill the bacteria! Now, do you still want to come fishing? LOL!

  2. Ok that does it popping open the corn relish. Used to make some mean clam chowder with a friend. Ye olde rutabaga was secret ingredient.

    You party boating the ‘tooner? Be neat and I love trash talking when not catching.

    Dang that looks really yummy too.

  3. Man! We want to be invited over for dinner when you cook things like this! I’d gladly drive down to have something hot and yummy! Maybe even bring dessert… Sure trumps my tuna pasta and peas from last night! 🙂

    • I just never know what nights you finish up your third and fourth jobs in order to be able to come down! I still have to do the “medallions”, but I’m think I’ll make them with redfish!!! How’s that for a twist? We have to boil some crabs and pick the meat first. I’m not paying $15 a pound for lump crab meat, honey.

  4. In Cleveland (Tennessee that is) and excited to be heading to Moe’s for dinner which will include a heavy duty dose of their most delicious fire hot sauce, but can’t wait to get home to try this!

  5. I will have to copy this for mom. She loves fish chowders and is always open to try something different.

    It does look good!

  6. Sure looks good. I’ll give it a try IF I EVER GET TO GO FISHING AGIAN! There is a void in my freezer where Redfish need to be! Of course this recipe will have to be cooked up AFTER I have “Redfish On The Half Shell”.

      • I’m sure your ears were burning this afternoon. Hubby and I are going to look at the calendar, then check back with you to see if Camp DuLarge is available. It was a good thing he was the one behind the wheel when HE made the suggestion. I’m positive I would have driven off the road. Hoping it will be VERY soon. You’re welcome to hitch a ride in the Kenner, too!

    • I’m glad you made it and like it. Everyone? She hates carrots, so she left them out, and it was still good! I have a quick and dirty recipe for crawfish bisque I’ll be sharing after the first of the year some time.

      • Well, it’s not that I hate them, I’m just not particularly fond of them. And if I’m cooking for myself it’s just easier to leave them out than try to eat my way around them and leave them for the Blue dog who just happens to be rather fond of them. OK, so I know it’s not crawfish season, but it’s just cruel to make us wait until 2010 for that crawfish bisque recipe. But as much I’m not fond of waiting, I’m beginning to understand the seasonality of bayou life. I just hope it’s not the next recipe you share.

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