Red Fish Trio from Lafayette! — 16 Comments

  1. OMG!!! I so wanna go on a fishing trip like that!!! Wendy, Where can I get some info on a trip like that. My son and I enjoy our fishing trips together but have not experienced a trip like this. What memories that would bring. Michelle

    • All the information is on the Fishing tab (except the pricing). All you do is go to that tab, scroll to the bottom, and write your questions in the contact box. It comes to me as an email and we go from there. Have another trip Thursday, and I hope it is as productive.

  2. I’ve never heard the “Redfish” tip before. If I ever go fishing and target Reds, I’ll have to remember that one. I hooked a shark on my very first saltwater fishing trip. It was a rush. Did y’all grill any of those Reds when y’all returned to Camp Dularge?

    • It’s only when you’re fishing on the bottom. If you’re rig is on bottom in the current, you might mistake the bite as the pull of the current, so I just have them watch the tip so they can concentrate on getting the bite!!! Corks are easier, but just in more shallow water!

  3. Well, here I am working in the garden dreaming about going deer hunting somewhere, and I see you ladies catching Redfish, now I’m jealous and want to go fishing, they sure would be delicious broiled. Great fishing Ladies.

  4. Nice trip!!!! I took Clay fishing last Saturday and he cought one small bass and eleven brim. All he talks about now is fishing and wanting to grow up and study fish. Good luck on your next trip!!!

  5. Those reds really are beautiful. It looks like a wonderful day, for sure. Are the sheepshead good to eat? There are a lot of them in the marinas here – although I’m not sure I’d want to eat anything that had been living around the marinas or the lake!

    I’ll drop you an email re: Don and the connection I’ve found. 😉

    • Yes, they are good to eat! Those teeth, though, are little off-putting! Something fin-pricked me Thursday, and my finger hurts like the dickens. Sure hope it’s not the vibrio! Re: the email, please do! He’s on the air right now.

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