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  1. Sweet. One of my fellow cancer guys has a grandkid with same red hair. fingers crossed for first week in Nov. doormat fishing. I may need help reeling in so volunteers be welcome.

    Specks are so much like crappie (sacaulait). Fall we fish wind blown shores from bank. Spring it is eastern sores that grab the heat.

    Rigging the new ifone waterproof and bluetoothed. This $1 4s has me for about $400 bucks now. I guess you can’t take it with you and being me I wouldn’t buy what they were selling.

    Happy Friday, fixing to cool down over weekend. Snow on Tuesday possible they say.

    • Oh, no thanks on the snow! You and Choup put a hurting on those doormats. I’ll ride over if I can and give you a hand, ok? Yeah, my $1 4s waterproofing cost me about $80, plus bluetooth, etc. I’m like you–in the past I’ve bought my phones off the internet much cheaper or a go-phone from Wal Mart and stuck my sim card in—–not signing a two year contract just to get a supposed good deal on a cell phone. It’s a dog gone racket. So, this 4s is the first contract I’ve signed in 12 or 13 years with ATT just so I could finally get a smart phone and not pay outrageously for it. I’m cheap like that.

  2. I am just your typical country boy I guess, but when you said the 4″ crab whole was in the fishes belly all I could think of, I bet he’s glad you caught him before he had to go potty tomorrow. ROFLMAO

    I too am ginger, light skin, red hair and I got so tired of people telling me, “you need not ski in your clothes we have SPF-1999 and its total sunblock!” Or aren’t you hot in that shirt? Put on some sunblock it works…. It doesn’t.

    That’s a pretty cool way to spend an entire day with your Mother-in-law. I mean its not like you can get away. Its pretty cool she’d spend a whole day, especially a ginger, and not a fishermen.

    She must think you’re a pretty special lady besides being her hubbies Mom.

  3. Hey, did I see you wearing your pink Grand Isle Fishing rodeo hat?
    How did y’all cook those Reds?
    I’m jealous!
    Happy Gingey is hooked after such a long day on the water!

    • Did y’all come down fishing? Yes, that’s one of my GI Rodeo hats. We didn’t. It was 6:30 p.m. by the time we finished cleaning boat, gear, and fish, and they had to drive back to BR (where they live now), so they took them home. They’re stockpiling for a big dinner party at their place.

  4. Congrats to Gingey on her first red. Sounds like ya’ll had a good time. Half the fun of fishing is just being out there with family or friends.

  5. What a great story. It confirms something I’ve come to believe- fishing is a lot more complicated than I’ve realized. Well, it can be. It takes learning a new vocabulary, getting new equipment, etc. etc.

    No one’s talking much fishing around here in Missouri – it’s all hunting talk. I’m sure there are fishermen are out there, but from the looks of the deer along side the road, there are going to be some happy hunters.

    It really is interesting. The farther north I’ve come, the bigger the deer are. And acorns? Oh, my gosh. I was in a park in the Arkansas mountains and there were heaps of acorns everywhere. A lot of critters are eating pretty well.

    Loved the tale – as much as Gingey loved her fish and its tail, I’m sure!

    • My oak trees produced bumper crops this fall for some reason, Linda. Have you ever eaten one? Pick a fat dark brown one, crack it, peel off the shell and have a nibble!! I dare ya! Regular deer season hasn’t opened here yet but the buzz about bow season is in the air already. Have a great time!

  6. Y’all know what amazes me about this blog? Every day, about a dozen new folks sign up to follow this blog, yet, it’s you faithful few who read and leave comments. I’ve no idea if those new folks are reading a word, because they don’t say anything. And I still can’t figure out how and why those folks are signing up daily to read this blog. I mean, how did they find it? What’s going on?

  7. yep …. passed lab test with flying colors. I get more chemo Monday.
    Inquired about moving therapy to the bayou in a few weeks. Got more checking to do. Details?

    Bought some new rain/cold gear today too. Size matters going down too.

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