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  1. This news hit my stomach Wendy. I know it’s not news you want to hear. I’m surprised that local politicians are lying when they should be speaking the truth. More prayers being said………..

  2. It is a “dog n pony” show Wendy,I found out over the weekend they were deploying boom here in Wakulla Co so I hit the web sites and found a boom placement plan that was going to shut me down and all access with 900 crab traps out but I talked to the emergancy management director this morning and found out they were forced to do this by the state DEP and all they are doing is “wet staging” the boom,not placment so I am good to go but what a waste of money and resorces as we are still close to 200 miles by water to the oil and it could be Nov or later before we see it.

    I hope the rumour is false for y’all sake and there is no river of oil coming.

  3. When I saw the forecast for Alex, my first thought was “It’s gonna send more oil to the west”. I hope this is not the case.
    I am happy to hear Camp Dularge is being booked though. BTW, I certainly didn’t take your comments as gloating. Now if you had said…”I’m renting to some B.P. guys and charging them a $25 a night “special event” fee (like they do for Nascar races, Shuttle lift offs etc.) No, I don’t even think that would qualify. It still wouldn’t be gloating unless you tacked on a $75 daily fee with a guaranty of occupancy till ALL the oil is cleaned up. You could retire very comfortably (AND buy that big Kenner w/ the 4 stroke). H#%%, as long as that will take…your children will inherit and be able to retire in comfort.

  4. I cannot understand why BP does not have boats up and down the entire stretch of Louisiana, siphoning oil out of the water as it shows up. We have that technology, it’s late enough in the game that they could have a friggin fleet out there. Cannot understand it at all.

    I’m so so so so sorry it’s now in your backyard. If not now, then eventually. Why not put everything out there waiting?

  5. I’m sad for you as it looks like from all the forcast models I have looked at they are calling for heavy concentrations of oil to hit there and west of you for the next few days.

  6. Thank you blufloyd for the link to the Memo from Admiral Allen. I found it interesting that it was dated May 31 (5 weeks after the blowout) and that it was reminding all levels of management that the guiding concept of “Maximum disclosure with minimum delay” is necessary for maintaining public trust.

    I was not under the impression that BP Information personnel were spearheading that effort. I’m going to nose around on that site some more; many thanks again.

    P.S. Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase ‘the medium is the message’ in 1964. Here’s more info:

  7. I wrote a long free verse poem on McLuhan in college.
    He should have been the leader we needed in the 60’s.

    A wise man told me to worry about what is close and at the moment.

    My public trust these days doesn’t get much further than my guns.

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