S U R P R I S E !

It was our oldest son’s 27th birthday, and he absolutely was surprised, as you will see below!

But first, what do you think he wanted to do the actual day of his birthday?

Trout fishing with mom for my birthday!

Yep, he wanted to go fishing with Mom.  I was touched that he wanted to spend the day with me.  We chased sea gulls, that were chasing shrimp.  Under those shrimp, were also trout chasing the same.  We caught a few speckled trout (and some nasty gaftop sails), which he filleted and took home and one of his girl friends fried up for his supper!  Nothing fresher!

The next night was the surprise party!  And this is how it went.  I hope you enjoy the photo story! Scroll over each photo to read the caption.


And now I feel like you were just sitting on the sofa with me, letting me bore you to tears with my photo album of a surprise party for a man who is way too old for surprise parties, but somehow, I think this is the only one he ever had!!!!   So, thanks to Drew, Danno, Hailey, and all my son’s friends who made it possible!

Feeling blessed,


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  1. Thanks for including us! No matter how anyone feels, the moment they see those wonderful smiling faces in your photos, they will feel great too. I don’t know that anyone is ever too old for a wonderful surprise party. You all did a super job!

    1. Carolyn, actually the young man whom my son is hugging in that one photo pretty much single handedly put this together. He secured the building, got his uncle to make a killer jambalaya, and brought his DJ equipment and had all the music pre-loaded for the party! My son’s BFF got the cake and soft drinks, and my second son provided all the paper goods. All I did had to do was show up and enjoy myself!!!! It was really neat meeting all these young people whom I had never met before and hear them talk about how they met my son and how he was a part of their lives. These people were from all walks and some of them didn’t even know each other. I am very proud of him.

  2. That’s the kind of party any Mom would like to be a part of. Walk in, eat, dance, have a good time then head home without the headache of planning, cooking, and all the cleaning up after it’s over! LOL!
    Did I read it correctly? ONE of his girlfriends cooked the fish?

    1. He has a lot of girl friends!!! They are “girls” and they are “friends”!!! He has not settled down with any one of them yet as he is very, very picky!!!

  3. Love the action shot o’ “The Incredible Flying Miah” – looks like a great party and a fabulous day fishing with Mom (he gets extra “cool points” for that).

  4. Loved the photo album. Everyone needs a surprise party or two. We never get too old for one either. And that cake…yummy.

  5. No one is too old for a surprise party! I think I had my first one given to me in my 40s! Great pictures to capture a wonderful birthday.

  6. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I don’t think that you ever get too old for a surprise party! I’ve never had one and you know how old I am!

  7. What a cutie pie that one is. Did anyone take a family portrait? I’d like to see a picture of all of you together. You do such a good job of sharing your life through words and pictures. Along with all your readers, your grandkids will also enjoy looking at your stories of how it was “back in the day,” as they say. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

    1. Thank you, B. It’s good hearing that you weren’t bored to tears! Sure you’re not just being polite : ) Hm. I like that idea about grandkids. I hadn’t even thought of this blog as some sort of scrap book of sorts!

  8. What an absolutely wonderful series of photos – look at all those smiles! And no one ever is too old for a surprise party – I gave one once for a 50 year old who’d never had a BIRTHDAY party, for heaven’s sake! He talked about it for years!

    That cake looks fine, too. I’ll bet it was double-yummy!

    1. What a marvelous thing . . . a surprise party for a 50 yo; but it’s also kinda sad he had never had a birthday party in his life! The filling between the layers was made of fresh berries, which was a new one on me. The cake had a slight almond taste, and man was it yummy!

  9. blu thinks it is time for a chicken tractor update…

    still having a blast wacking bream on fly…

    1. Chicken Tractor update: Earl has been loose for two months now. Baby chick is about two months old. Lady Gray is laying eggs regularly now. Earl might be going into stew pot. If I want Lady Gray to hatch more babies, I will get fertilized from my friends up the bayou who have a nice mixed flock. Good enough? Keep having a blast fly fishing those bream!