Sad news on the bayou

Jaune is gone. That’s all I know. When we came home from baseball practice last night, there was no sign of her. I am sad, because she and I had bonded Monday evening while I was bird watching. Everything happens for a reason, though.

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  1. Oh no! That’s so sad! I hope she turns up again. Abby and I send our love.

    Thank you and Abby. We are hoping that the owners reclaimed her. That would be a fine ending to this story of a boy and a dog-for-2-days!

  2. I’m also sorry to hear that she is gone. My heart goes out to Termite.

    He’s acting tough, like it’s for the best, but I know he’s disappointed. She’s not been here in almost 24 hours, so that’s not a good sign.

  3. My heart goes out to a very disappointed boy, and hopes he finds comfort that his temporary friend is at home with his owner. Perhaps a mom may find room for a retriever pup, lab, golden, whatever as long as it ducks………..Thanks for sharing this with us…as it surely has seemed to touch us all.

    Your words touch me, Deb. He was offered a lab puppy free last night, but he’s not ready for all that responsibility; and I don’t have the time to take up the slack right now. I have traveling to do, and we already have one dog that we have to provide care for. I told him he can have his dog when he’s a little older and proves he can be responsible for ALL its care. And you know what? He totally agreed. Having Jaune for a couple days showed him how much work a big dog is. Yes, she was fun, but she was also quite a few handsful! Maybe that was a double blessing?

  4. We had a dog show up like that once. We loved her but she had a wandering gypsy heart.

    Tell you son to let her go. She wants to love a lot of people. Maybe there is a golden at the shelter needing his love?