Searching for Speckled Trout . . . — 21 Comments

  1. Ok the secret is revealed, I tell people I slide down here for the food but it is really the triple hook ups and when BW throws her rattle cork over my rig. Huh?

    Drove 57 to 56 southern route to Leeville today after Houma tour. Cornfields got nothing on this.

    Lost on way back to Brady but cell gone saved me from repeat of 56 to 57 tour.

    Ok about two years from retirement
    so the widows and spinsters can start pestering BW for my personal email.. Not into tattoos or hickeys but triple hook ups on the water are sweet.

    • “phone” not gone. How was G.I.? When ya leaving? Where ya eating turkey? If still here on Thursday, I’ll bring you some from my sister’s. We’re going out of town or I would ask you over.

  2. What a fun post – blufloyd, great you finally made it down. Looks like a great trip!

    What I love is that I can write sentences like this: “Pretty sheepshead for sure. I see them a lot when I’m at work…” 😉

  3. 2 hours from home. Raining and nap needed bad. 10pm. DCCDCs at MD reefer break in they are yours.
    Turkey in mouth now. And Manda ham. 46 deg.

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