Shrimp Bisque — 19 Comments

    • It’s a little time consuming if you de-vein the shrimp, and with smaller ones, it’s not necessary; but these were kind of big! You should try it, and he will be pleasantly pleased . . . maybe a birthday dinner?

  1. Oh, my. This looks just wonderful, but it’s not something I’d ever try for myself. That butter, half-and-half, and calorie count is attention-getting. But, I’ve copied the recipe and tucked it away. Maybe I need to throw a little dinner party, and impress the heck out of everyone!

    • I know the calorie count, etc, is a little off putting for health reason . . . but serving a little cupful as an appetizer would be a great compromise!

  2. That looks as good as anything you’d find in an upscale eatery!

    I’ll have to copy this off for my relatives, who LOVE shrimp.

  3. You wrote “What to do with those leftover boiled shrimp”…
    Did you consider sharing with those of us who might be cooking impaired? Those of us living on a fixed income? Those of us so destitute we’re forced to go to KFC to lick other people’s fingers?

    Wonderful story and a great recipe..

    • Oh, George, you made me laugh with your woe of being forced to go to KFB to lick other people’s fingers!!! And please note: those gorgeous shrimp were given to us!! So, yeah, I get where you’re coming from! But surely we wouldn’t want those shrimp to go to waste now, would we? It is indeed a great recipe and one that makes me wonder why I didn’t develop it a long time ago. Oh wait, I know why. We don’t often boil shrimp, and when we do, they’re are seldom any leftover!!! Thanks, George!

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