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  1. Hope our Grand Isle shrimper got his net fixed! We’ll be there in 2 weeks with an extra cooler. I may just have to bring this recipe with me and try it there. Sounds really good…I actually had to swallow a few times, I didn’t want to drool on my keyboard. I can also picture this over a bed of rice too. When my “Crew” comes over to eat, ya gotta stretch things sometimes.
    I’m happy too that you didn’t put the calorie count!

    • working on that calorie count right now, Steffi. so just how many pieces of French bread does it take to eat a bowl of this delicious stuff? Let’s just say, the recipe serves 8 and it’s a good thing there are two loaves in that pack!! LOL! Never mind the calories!

  2. I am with Steffi…it looks delicious! Have you given it a name yet?

    By the way, key board covers for those of us who love good food should be a mandatory item sold with every keyboard!!

    I have got to try this. And I agree also about the rice. Love that stuff but hubby is not so crazy about it. I will have to cook a lot more bacon though because I love good, crisp bacon. And it seems to disappear off of the plate it is draining in when I cook it. Which white wine would you recommend? I have only bought 2 bottles in the 42 years we have been married so, I am not wine savy. I stick with cooking sherry, rum or beer for cooking.

    • Cammy, we’re not snooty about the white wine. You can use the little bottles at your grocer that say “white cooking wine” if you want. For cooking, (and a little sip on the side like the old Cajun chef Justin Wilson used to do), I just buy a cheap white that WalMart carries and I think it is called Oak something or other and it’s only $2.97 a bottle!!!! I used the Pinot Grigio for this recipe, a tart wine. A cheap Reisling would work too. If you already have sherry on hand, that would be a fine substitute.

  3. Looks good. I bet the shrimp would be good over cheese grits, like that dish I like so much at Nola. I’m so excited there’s a travel mug up for grabs! I might have to start drinking coffee!

    • I am trying to find a recipe like the Shrimp & Grits that you ate at Emeril’s NOLA. I think it would be fun to make at least once. If you find one, let me know, okay? Oh, and thanks a million for your help today. I no longer feel like I’m drowning in a sea of boys’ clothing. You’re the best Dotter ever!

  4. Oh my goodness that recipe sounds like a keeper and I plan to try it soon.
    No fresh shrimp here…….but I will make it w/what’s available!

    And thanks for the hint on yummy Pepperridge Farm
    Hot & Crusty French Bread…….wonder if my local grocer store carries it.

    Oh yum on good Strong Coffee…….and I need a Mug to belong Just to me!!

    • Hi Liz and welcome to the bayou. Oh yes, nothing but great food and strong coffee down the bayou. This morning I am trying CC’s “breakfast blend” in a French press. It is very good. Thanks for the comment and good luck on the drawing for your very own coffee mug!

  5. This meal looks very good!!! … This here blog is very interesting! I have always loved how your mind works! You are incredible! I hope all is well. . . .

    • Hey Musingegret! I love your screen name and welcome to the bayou. Thanks for the links for the Indian chicken, but I am contemplating deleting them since I’m so jealous of her and I don’t want to lose all my readers to her!!! She’s so big now she must have a staff like Martha Stewart LOL!! Will you come back and let us know how this recipe works with your grilled chicken? Can you cook Indian food? And did you really cook the shrimp stew?

    • Thank you BigSis for this link! No wonder that dish tastes so good–it has a gillion recipes within the recipe and just as many steps!!! I guess that is what makes a great chef so great! I wonder if Emeril would mind if I do a step by step photo recipe from this one? Think he might feel the least bit threatened by the fame of Bayou Woman? LOL!

  6. I like the idea of putting it over rice. By the way, I forgot to tell Brad that the shrimp still had the tails on when he tried it! He found out pretty quick. He liked it, too, but since we had eaten the rest of the french bread, he didn’t get the full effect.

  7. As I was putting some Angel Hair Pasta on to cook, I had another epiphany! I’m gonna have a taste test when I get my shrimp. I’ll cook the recipe and eat with French bread, but…I’ll also have a bit of rice and pasta cooked too.

  8. Now, if I could only move Tennessee closer to the gulf for the fresh shrimp. :^) What flavors do you think the white wine adds? As our home is “non-alcoholic” I’m wondering what I could sub. Also, that Corning Ware pattern looks very familiar. I think my mom still has some of those, though it’s the stacked set and not multiples of the same size. Lastly, not sure how the shrimp ties in with the Community Coffee, but thanks for the giveaway! We had CC dark roast beans in the French Press this morning, ironically picked up in Lafayette on a trip through last week. Yum!

    • Paul, are you new to this bayou blog? Welcome! I’m sure you could make the recipe without the white wine. The Community Coffee is a sponsor who gives away something to my readers every week! Besides, aren’t shrimp and Community both staples in South Louisiana?

      • I’m new…found you from a post on Community Coffee’s Twitter feed. Having lived my formative years in South La, I’m well aware of Community Coffee’s reach. That and the shrimp. Ahhh, the shrimp. How I miss them. 🙂

  9. Hey, my mom does have that same pattern of Corning ware, just not the mini ones. That’s a great idea using them for serving, they are oven safe so my first thought was french onion soup!

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