Sight Towers and Speckled Trout — 17 Comments

  1. What a strange craft…while I can appreciate the sightline from up in that tower, what does it do to the stability o’ the boat while driving – or worse yet, catching a fish?!? Seems ye’d be looking to tip right over!

    Clearly had no adverse effect on catching fish..nice haul!

    • Surprisingly the boat is quite stable. I thought it would feel strange riding in it, but I felt no ill affects from it. I was supposed to drive it, but the taking-on-water issue postponed my little adventure!!! I’m just glad we came in when we did, because that boat already sits very close to the water!!! Hauling in fish from up there was no problem at all for Angler Brad!!!

  2. One of the busiest businesses around here is called “Tops and Towers”. I first heard them called “Tuna Towers”, because they’re often used offshore for that fish. Some of them around here are much taller – like three story buildings. I’m presuming they only head offshore with them when things are placid.

    When I was in the Bahamas, the advantage of height was clear. It’s a lot easier to see coral heads when you’re higher and the angle of the sun is different.

  3. I’m REALLY jealous! Doesn’t look like fishing (other than in our Ms. pond) is going to be a priority this year. We’re trying to get the “camp” built, so we’re there every chance possible. Got back today (Sun.-Wed. noon). It was rainy, cold and very windy up on the hill! ANYWAY………
    That “tower” is a H@** of a lot better and safer than their predecessors! That being a 6′ ladder! The first time I saw a Red fisherman on his ladder, I thought he was nuts! It was windy and the water was very choppy. I just knew he was going to end up going for a swim.
    The way things are going, We’ll have to work up a trade. Fruit Cake for trout or reds (half shell please).

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