Sign of the Times!

And the message on this sign is exactly why you see the windshield wiper in the bottom right edge of photo. No way was I getting out of my car to take this picture! These folks live about a half mile down the bayou from me.

This is their bayouside, where they keep all their shrimping and crabbing gear and where they dock their boats. I guess somebody helped themselves to something valuable.

It reminds me of a very unpleasant sign from my past . . .

taken three days after Rita made landfall 150 miles to the west of my bayoutown.

Yep, that’s my boat tied up to the house right there. I unhooked it from the boat trailer, so when the water rose up, the boat would float up easily without floating away.

And yep, that’s my attempt at spray painting a sign. My first ever, and hopefully my last.

With Tropical Storm Fay whipping around us today, the air outside feels too much like the hurricane days of 2005. It’s amazing how the feel of the air pressure, temperature, and wind brings back memories just like a smell might do.

White Shrimp Season Update: There are none.

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  1. No joking this time, I’m at a loss for words.

    Pretty sobering, huh? If I haven’t told the story here, maybe I will one day.

  2. There is something for you to do at my blog, come on over and look!!!

    Man that must have been a hard time and my hubby laughed at the sign because he would have written the same thing!!!

    It might have been funny if we really hadn’t already been looted!

    Okay, everyone, The Milkman’s Wife has tagged me and I’m supposed to name 7 strange things about myself and tag 6 other blogs. Hmmm. I’ve played this game already with other blogs. How about I play it with you? I will post 7 things about myself, and then I will only ONE of you and you must then post 7 strange things about yourself and tag ONE other person who comments on here regularly. Let’s see how many good sports we have out there or if we have any sad sacks who stop the fun!

    1)I have become my great grandmother. I re-use paper towels. Huh? Really? Yep, I confess.
    2)I am sometimes afraid that a snake will come up in the toilet and bite me. Seriously. I am.
    3)I hate the idea of smashing bugs to kill them, so I usually let them go–including roaches. Gross, I know.
    4)I always put sugar in my coffee before creamer. Ok, so I’m OCD.
    5)I think I’ve breast fed as many hours as I’ve slept over a 14 year period! Now I need pushup bras AND sleep aids!!
    6)I don’t mind getting older, I just don’t want my body to age. Is that possible?
    7)I used to be a neat freak, but now you can call me Messy Martha (eat your heart out, Ms. Stewart!)

    Now, I am tagging Stephanie/Steffi who comments here regularly and should have a host of hooty things to tell us!!! YOU’RE NEXT, Steffi!

  3. I hope Fay is easy on you. We are still getting showers and tornado watches in our area – day 4 of Fay lingering. An area south of here received 24 inches of rain in 24 hours. May the rain in your area not be more than is needed! Have a great day!

    Welcome to this bayou, Lailani! We’ve had plenty enough rain! Today is amazingly calm. We are much below where the system passed, so I think we are much better off than even the Northshore!

  4. I hope y’all appreciate this, it’s the second time I’ve typed my response. My husband “switched users” when I went to the kitchen to get coffee (AND sidetracked washing a skillet) so everything I’d typed was lost! Before I put my answers, let me just say, I don’t think any of my answers are “strange”.

    1. I want all my bath towels, cloths and hand towels to match.

    2. I only buy SOLID white leather “tennis” shoes for everyday wear.

    3. I always make my exit from the same door I entered. (My grandmother wouldn’t allow it any other way)

    4. I have my own work shop filled with my own tools. I’m talking Power and hand tools.

    5. I ask for unusual gifts. (Re-bar for tomato stakes, a waterline to my vegetable garden, electrical line to my garden shed sink…that’s where I clean my fish I could go on and on. Y’all get the picture. I don’t go for the usual “girly” gifts. Which brings me to …

    6. I don’t feel dressed till I’ve put on my perfume and my wrist watch. This is about the only feminine thing I do besides crocheting.

    7. I HAVE to read every night when I get in bed. Mostly Historical Romance books. Been married to my High School sweetheart 37 1/2 yrs, but I have to go to the library for a romance fix.

    8. I sing Tenor in my church choir.

    Poo…..that’s 8. I’m not erasing, it’s taken me too long to type. Oh yea, BW’s 4-7 answers apply to me also.

    Heidi, you have just been TAGGED!

    I really really DO appreciate this, Stephanie, even though you are a bit on the strange side!

  5. Need to clarify #5. My SINK does not have an electrical line. My SHED has electricity. My sink happens to be on the porch of the garden shed! I may be a (graying) blond, but I’m not dumb. “My momma didn’t raise no fool” either.

  6. I would like to hear your Rita story one day… This far inland and up the coast, we LOOK for hurricanes because they mean much needed rain in August, but we do think of those individuals like you and pray that no harm is done.

    Well, Jenn, please start praying that it will veer either VERY far to the East or VERY far to the WEST or downgrade substantially before it gets anywhere near here, because right now Gustav looks like a potential threat. I know we don’t want it to hit anyone or hurt anyone, but we haven’t recovered from Rita completely yet, what with all the new permits and elevations requirements.

  7. I already did this on my blog stef!!! Come on over and take a peak at it!!! LOL

    Heidi-could you copy and paste here and then TAG one of the readers here? Or just come back and tag a reader here? If not, Stephanie, you get to TAG another person!