Since I can't be at Nunu's Nightlite tonight . . . — 6 Comments

  1. Was she wearin those cool boots?

    Funny you should ask. HH and I stared at her feet for a long time to see what kind of “dancin’ shoes” she was wearing, and they weren’t boots.

  2. Okay, LilBigSis. This is just too weird. Go check out my latest post!

    Yep, LilSis. we’re on the same page tonight, but I’d much rather have been at Nunu’s. You?

  3. Wow! that looks like fun! If I come down to LA can I find a guy to dance with, too? Tony doesn’t dance unless the pavement is hot….

    Thanks for sharing this view of your nightlife! As much as I enjoy zydeco music, I’ve never heard it live. I did inform Tony though that if I ever had another wedding it would be a potluck dinner in the back yard with a zydeco band while we danced barefoot on the lawn. Now THAT would be a fun wedding!

    Yes, we will dance with you!!! That would be a fun wedding! Really, this night was a rare occasion for both of us. We just observed and had a blast doing it!

  4. Hey, BW, I just read your comments on Heather’s blog! Sorry about mixing up the boy’s names! If it’s any consolation, I often call people in my own family by other names…yeah, I’m that kind of dope. ;- )

    No problem. I’m impressed that you even remembered Termite’s name, really. I figured you’d figure it out sooner or later!

    • Hi Susie, Let’s see, uh, it’s in Arnauldville at the junction of La. 31/93 out on the right just before a big curve to the left!!! It sits on the banks of Bayou Teche (?) and it used to be the old Western Auto store !!!! Do you know where that is now?

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